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What To Bring...

One of the more frequently asked questions we receive about Sycamore Band Camp is...what do I bring? While this checklist is by no means comprehensive, we suggest the following:

(* denotes a required item):

  • Black Shorts* (mid-thigh, no logos, no stripe) - for "B Uniform"
  • Black Socks* (mid-calf or higher)  - for "B Uniform" (and "A Uniform" too!)
  • Black Marching Shoes* (non-patent leather) - we can order these at band camp as well, if needed
  • Hat with a wide brim or ballcap* (REQUIRED from everyone - bare heads not allowed!)
  • Sunblock/Sunscreen/Lip Care (SPF 20 or higher, or you WILL get burned to a crisp)
  • Sunglasses
  • Flip folder* (all musicians) and lyre* (except sousaphones)
  • Your instrument* (unless renting, or color guard)
  • Necessary instrumental accessories (mouthpiece, reeds, sticks, valve oil, etc.)
  • Shorts (we do NOT recommend jeans, chinos, or any other long pants)
  • Light, breathable clothes (dark colours are not a good choice)
  • Sneakers or cross trainers* (absolutely no flip flops or any shoe without a reinforced heel)
  • Undergarments (enough for the duration of camp, please)
  • Bug repellant, medication, water bottle, etc.
  • Toiletries, including (please) deodorant, toothpaste, etc.
  • Cash or blank checks (for incidentals, instrument rental fee if applicable, etc.) 
  • We will also be accepting credit card payments this year for the first time.