This page serves as the official guide to the operational principles and procedures of the Indiana State University Marching Sycamores.  A thorough understanding of this information will enable you to function as a knowledgeable, contributing member. All members of the Marching Sycamores will be expected to read through the Handbook, and will be given an exam (administered via Canvas) to test your understanding of our most important policies, which govern everything from attendance to how you wear your uniform. Failure to take the exam (and pass) will result in a reduced grade. 

As with any handbook of this nature, we cannot possibly cover every situation or eventuality that might occur during the season.  It is meant as a set of general guidelines and procedures which, coupled with your own common sense, will make the operation of a large organization such as this possible, with the least amount of conflict and difficulty.


The Marching Sycamores first appeared on campus in 1933, with 42 members and a drum major, under the direction of band director Harold Bright. The band played at every football and basketball game, as well as baseball games versus Purdue and Indiana University. Originally, the band consisted of only men, supported by female twirlers and “flag swingers.” The band remained an all-male organization until 1942, when it admitted 20 females in order to replace those members serving in the war. By 1963, women were full-time members of the Marching Sycamores. Within an amazingly short time the band executed letter formations with the precision of professionals, and added greatly to gameday atmosphere and school spirit. 

The modern day Indiana State University Marching Sycamores remains one of the most visible and active student organizations on the ISU campus. The Marching Sycamores have a long and proud tradition, performing for thousands of people each year. The band performs at all ISU home football games, as well as in the homecoming parade, the freshman March Through the Arch, and other events on and off campus.  

Songs and Traditions

In 1921, a contest was held to choose a name for the athletic teams at what was then called the Indiana State Normal School. Up until this time, the term “Fighting Teachers” was frequently used in press accounts of athletic contests. In 1922, it was announced that the name Sycamores had won a popular vote of the student body, although there is some question as to how serious the student body was in picking the name. Nevertheless, Indiana State University has used this rather unique name since that date. The problem has been that a Sycamore is a tree, and does not lend itself very well to the creation of a mascot. Athletic teams have been known in the past as “The Fighting Trees,” which was not considered a very glamorous or intimidating concept. For a period of time in the 1950s and 1960s, there actually was a tree mascot developed, but this posed obvious problems of embarrassment with other mascots when the University played such schools as the Butler Bulldogs or the Ball State Cardinals.

In 1969, a committee created the Chief Quabachi concept as a mascot for the school. This Indian Chief (and accompanying legend) was used as a mascot until 1989, when the University dropped its use in response to a variety of objections over the Indian caricature. In 1995, the Indiana State University Department of Athletics announced plans for a search for a new mascot to accompany the traditional Sycamores nickname. After taking suggestions, the Athletic Department submitted a list of finalists for the ISU student body to vote on. Later that year, Sycamore Sam–a unique blue and white animal–made its debut at a Sycamore men's basketball game versus Loyola University. On December 19, 2005, Indiana State celebrated Sycamore Sam’s ten-year anniversary with a birthday party.

The school colours for Indiana State University have been blue and white since 1899, when it was announced that they would replace the previous colours of Salmon Pink and White. The Indiana State University Alma Mater uses music from a traditional song, Annie Lisle, which is also used by many other institutions across the country. The lyrics were authored by Charles M. Curry, Professor of English and Literature, in June 1912. The Fight Song, On You Fighting Sycamores, but more commonly known as March On, was composed by Joseph A. Gremelspacher, Professor of Music, as a pep song. It was first performed at a Homecoming event pep rally in 1939

Fight Song
March on, March on, you fighting Sycamores! Sycamores!
March on, you Statesman tried and true! (I! S! U!)
March on, march on to glorious victory...
Raise that flag of royal blue! (I! S! U!)

March on, March on, you fighting Sycamores! Sycamores!
Shout out that victory song...
Onward, ever onward to our goal!
As we march...on and on!
(Go Big Blue! Fight Big Blue! Go! State! Win!)


Alma Mater
Out upon the swelling breezes, let our voices ring...
As to thee, our Alma Mater, heartfelt praise we sing.
Though the years to come may part us, Friends and comrades true,
ISU, our Alma Mater,  here’s our pledge to you.

Course Information

The Marching Sycamores is a class that is taken for credit during the Fall semester. The band/class meets and rehearses on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 3:15pm-5:15pm (some sections may engage in sectional rehearsals beyond these times). All members must be registered for the course in order to participate. The correct course codes are as follows:

  • MUS 109 (freshman and sophomores) - 
    • Section 1 (CRN 50002 - 1 credit)
    • Section 2 (CRN 51347 - 0 credit)*
  • MUS 409 (juniors and seniors)
    • Section 1 (CRN 50090 - 1 credit)
    • Section 2 (CRN 50030 - 0 credit)*
  • MUS 509 (graduate students)
    • Section 1 (CRN 50152 - 1 credit)

*students who wish to take the course for zero credit may do so only if they are already maxed out on credits (18). Contact Lindsey Skaza for permission to take the 0-credit option. 

Membership Requirements

The following are the requirements for membership in the Marching Sycamores. Waiver of any of these requirements may only be granted by the Director.

  • Current student at Indiana State University;
  • Good financial standing with the Sycamore Bands and the School of Music, including the dispensation of any fees or charges incurred in prior membership years;
  • Enrollment in MUS 109, MUS 409, or MUS 509 (see Course Information, above);
  • Successful completion of the Handbook Exam (on Canvas);
  • Consideration, at all times and in all situations, of the best interests of the overall group;
  • Punctuality and professionalism;
  • A positive, optimistic attitude and a willingness to work hard.​


Rehearsals begin promptly at 3:15pm. Students who are not in the Attendance Block or otherwise ready at this time are considered tardy. If you are tardy (or must leave rehearsal early), please enter/exit the field quietly without drawing attention to yourself. Be sure to notify the Drum Major in charge of Attendance if you arrive late.

This ensemble functions best when it can depend on all of its members working together. While poor attendance in an individual-oriented course can harm only the individual who is absent, attendance issues in an ensemble setting affect the entire group; therefore, members are expected and encouraged to attend all rehearsals. Absences due to illness or emergency should be communicated to the Director as soon as possible. Laboratories, examinations, review sessions, work, and other events which conflict with class rehearsals should be rescheduled. 

Records will be maintained by the Drum Major in charge of attendance. If you arrive to rehearsal late, it is your responsibility to seek out the Drum Major and report, or you may be mistakenly counted as absent. You must also report to the Drum Major if circumstance or schedule forces you to leave a rehearsal early. Failure to do so will result in any such departure being counted as unexcused. The Director shall be the final authority on all attendance matters for the organization. 

Please understand: This is not a class where individual achievement stands alone, i.e., if your neighbor misses your math class, you can still do well in the course. Marching Band is a shared experience. It is difficult to perfect drill and formations when band members must deal with holes created by absent members. When members are absent, entire sections suffer the consequences, and by extension, the band cannot excel. Performers who are absent during the week preceding a performance may find themselves losing their spot to an alternate. Students are urged to schedule classes in such a way so as to minimize or eliminate such potential sources of conflict.


The Director understands that “life happens.” The grading system in this course therefore allows for some flexibility. One or two rehearsal absences will likely not affect your final grade, unless paired with other deficiencies. There are two broad categories of assessment in this course: Rehearsals (200 points), and Performances (200 points). Your grade in this course is derived from your positive contributions to the ensemble over the course of the semester. 

  • Rehearsal Absence:  -25 points, Rehearsals category
  • Rehearsal Tardy or Early Departure: -5 points, Rehearsals category
  • Performance Absence: -100 points, Performances category
  • Performance Tardy: -25 points, Performances category
  • Improper Uniform: -25 points, Performances category
  • Missing music/equipment (rehearsal): -10 points, Rehearsals category
  • Missing music/equipment (performance): -25 points, Performances category
  • Unprofessional Behaviour* : Variable

* per the guidelines found in the online ISUMS Handbook.

Note: Excused absences may be made up via extra work/assignments. If you are interested in making up the points for an excused absence, you must fill out the Absence Form (found on Canvas) and submit to the Director.


The Marching Sycamores rehearse on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 3:15 to 5:15pm. Most rehearsals take place at Kennedy Field, on Spruce between 8th and 9th streets. This field is also sometimes referred to as "Rec North." From time to time, rehearsals will be held at Cowden Rehearsal Hall, or CRH (Landini, Room 159). You will be notified of any changes to the rehearsal location (particularly in the case of inclement weather) via text message, if you have signed up for the Remind service (cell phone number required). 

The following materials are required at each rehearsal:

  • All necessary performance equipment (instruments, drum sticks/mallets, flags, rifles, etc.), in good working order;
  • Any materials you need for proper instrument function and maintenance (reeds, valve oil, etc);
  • Your music, flip folder, and lyre (if applicable);
  • Your drill chart and/or coordinate sheets;
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear (dress in a manner conducive to the physical demands of the activity. Wear shoes that enable you to accurately execute our marching style (athletic shoes required). Sandals or Flip Flops of any type are not allowed. Wear clothes appropriate to weather conditions, which may include rain, heat, or cold.

All necessary materials must be easily accessible to you throughout rehearsal. Your complete concentration, committed work, and undivided attention are expected at all times. Refrain from excessive talking during rehearsal so the rehearsals can be efficient and effective. All directions will come from the tower first, with “field time” to follow. After each segment, members will have time to “check and adjust” with tower comments to follow. There will be time allotted for water breaks in each rehearsal.

At the conclusion of rehearsal, all members will gather in front of the podium or tower for announcements. Please do not pack away equipment or collect materials at this time. Your attention to announcements is essential. After announcements, please assist with policing the practice field and surrounding areas for trash.


Students at Indiana State University are expected to accept certain personal responsibilities that constitute the "standard" for behavior in a community of scholars. As a student at Indiana State University, you are expected to:

  • Practice personal and academic integrity;
  • Commit your energies to the pursuit of truth, learning, and scholarship;
  • Foster an environment conducive to the personal and academic accomplishment of all students;
  • Avoid activities that promote bigotry or intolerance;
  • Choose associations and define your relationships with others based on respect for individual rights and human dignity;
  • Conduct your life as a student in a manner that brings honor to yourself and to the University Community;
  • Discourage actions or behaviors by others that are contrary to these standards.

Each member of the Marching Sycamores should remember that this organization is a source of pride to thousands of Indiana State University students, alumni, and fans, as well as faculty and administration. The actions of individuals reflect upon this group as a whole, especially when those actions are irresponsible. Members who display a pattern of irresponsible behavior which is damaging to the morale or concept of teamwork within the organization (or section) may jeopardize their position in the Marching Sycamores.

Uniformed Marching Sycamore members represent the University not only to live audiences, but to television and radio audiences regionally and nationally. Any inappropriate language, obscene gestures, or disrespectful acts by band members reflect adversely on the Sycamore Bands, the School of Music, and Indiana State University. Marching Sycamores member behavior is expected to be above that of the regular university student. We do not feel that we should have to police band member behavior during athletic events. Responsible behavior and a positive attitude are expected of all members at all times. Failure to comply with these expectations may result in suspension, and /or dismissal from a rehearsal, game, performance, trip, or permanent dismissal from the Marching Sycamores. Any student who is suspended from an event will receive a grade deduction of one letter. 
Participation in any band function (including rehearsals), whether on campus or off, is considered an academic commitment. As such, members are expected to adhere to a strict prohibition against alcoholic beverages, smoking (whether through traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or vaping), or illegal drug consumption and/or possession. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in suspension and/or dismissal from the Marching Sycamores. Any student who is dismissed from the program for disciplinary reasons can expect to fail the class.

Note: All members of the Marching Sycamores are held accountable for reporting instances of alcohol and substance abuse to their respective section leader or Drum Major. This is to ensure that the image of the Marching Sycamores is upheld, and the health and safety of all members is secured. Punishment for neglecting the aforementioned rules will be determined on an individual basis by the Directors and Leadership. Such punishments may include but are not limited to game suspensions, grade reductions, trip forfeitures, or dismissal from the Marching Sycamores. If you see something, say something.


Indiana State University and the Marching Sycamores have a strict NO HAZING policy. We adhere to the university’s hazing policy and will not tolerate any actions that could potentially be considered in violation. Hazing is defined as " act or acts which endanger the mental or physical health or safety of another, or which destroy or remove public or private property for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in a group or organization." 

Over the years, many excuses and defenses of hazing have been espoused, such as "it's just a prank," "there was no malicious intent," or "it teaches respect and discipline." We state unequivocally that hazing is an act of power and control over others – it is victimization. Hazing is abusive and degrading, even if there is no malicious intent. Respect is earned, not taught. Victims of hazing rarely report having respect for those who have hazed them. Just like other forms of victimization, hazing breeds mistrust, apathy, and alienation.

If you believe you are experiencing hazing, or have observed it happening to others, it is your responsibility to report this to the Director immediately. Student organizations have been suspended or even disbanded in the past for such activities...don't take that risk! Report anything you see or hear immediately.

Uniforms and Appearance

The Marching Sycamores provides for each member, at no charge, a complete uniform (except for shoes, socks, and gloves). Each member will receive the following:

"A" Uniform

  • 1 Jacket (replacement cost if lost or damaged is $212.75)
  • 1 Pair of bibbers/pants (replacement cost if lost or damaged is $92.75)
  • 1 Shako/hat (replacement cost if lost or damaged is $56.00)
  • 1 Shako storage box (replacement cost if lost is $10.00)
  • 1 Garment bag (replacement cost if lost or damaged is $10.00)
  • 1 Parka (replacement cost if lost or damaged is $85.00)
  • 1 Short-sleeve tunic (guard)
  • 1 Long-sleeve tunic (guard)
  • 1 Pair of uniform dance pants (guard)
  • 1 Pair of capris (guard)

"B" Uniform

  • 1 Sycamore Bands t-shirt
  • 1 Pair of black athletic pants
  • 1 Sycamore Bands ballcap (performance cap, not to be used at rehearsals or for everyday wear)

"B" Uniform apparel that is provided to the members by the Sycamore Bands is free of charge, and becomes the member's property upon successful completion of the season. If a student is dismissed, or chooses to withdraw from the band, it is expected that they will return their apparel within three (3) days of departing the Marching Sycamores, or a financial hold is placed on their University account, preventing release of grades and future registrations. Loss of an item requires restitution on the part of the student. ​

Members must provide the following items for themselves:

  • Black marching shoes (non-patent leather, can be ordered through the Sycamore Bands)
  • Long (mid-calf) black socks
  • White marching band gloves (can be purchased from Sycamore Bands, two pairs are encouraged)
  • Long black shorts with no (or minimal) logos, stripes, or other colorations.​

Shorts and shoes supplied by the student are subject to approval by the Uniform Manager, Section Leader, or a Drum Major. 

Please pay special attention to directions given to you with respect to the care and handling of your uniform. You are responsible for making sure that the uniform is returned in the best possible condition. It is expected that ALL parts of the uniform that are issued, and are part of the Marching Sycamore inventory, will be returned to the band at the end of the season. ​Failure to do so will result in a financial hold placed on your University account, preventing release of your grades and future registrations. Loss of an item requires restitution on the part of the student (see below). Total cost of uniform if lost or damaged is $500.00.

​When in uniform you represent Indiana State University and will be recognized as a distinguished member of the Marching Sycamores. We expect your personal appearance to reflect your organizational pride. An untidy,  disheveled (un-cared for), or dirty uniform may result in performance suspension and a lowered grade. Taking care of the uniform is your responsibility. Please follow these guidelines to ensure proper appearance and care of uniform at all times: 

  • The uniform will be dry-cleaned at the end of the season - it should NEVER be washed.
  • After use, air the uniform out before zipping the garment bag.
  • The uniform should be free of wrinkles or creases...both jacket and pants should be hung properly after each use.
  • If the uniform gets wet, it should be allowed to dry before storing to prevent mold.
  • The Uniform Manager must approve any alterations to the uniform.
  • Gloves and Collar insert CAN and SHOULD be washed after each use. Don’t use bleach! Dry on low or air dry.
  • Pants may be ironed by placing a damp towel over them and ironing the TOWEL.
  • Shako can be cleaned using a towel. Wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Shoes must be cleaned and polished for each performance.
  • Hair must be off the collar (under the Shako) for performances, and properly groomed when the Shako isn’t worn. Secure long hair with a neutral colored hair accessory (something that blends with your hair color)
  • Coloured hair is permitted; however, if coloring stains any part of the uniform, the student is responsible for the damages. Vibrant/brightly-colored hair (at the discretion of Director) must be hidden underneath the shako or a skull cap.
  • Jewelry should be discreet:  engagement rings, wedding bands, and small-stud piercings. No large gauges, hoop earrings, or any other large piercings.
  • Baseball Cap: Your ISU Marching Sycamore baseball cap is a required part of the uniform and will be worn in the stands.
  • Sunglasses (optional) can be only be worn in the stands. They are not allowed for any part of a performance (pregame tailgate, pregame show, halftime, post game). Sunglasses should be black fames and lenses. Frames should not be oversized.
  • WHITE Gloves must be washed regularly, or you may purchase extra pairs. One pair will not stay white through the season.

​Appearance also applies to the proper maintenance and care of your instrument or other equipment:

  • All brass horns should be polished prior to each performance (trombones and saxophones included!)
  • Brightly-coloured instruments are not allowed.
  • Percussion instruments should be free of scuffs or other marks. 
  • Cymbals should be polished.
  • Mouthpieces should be metal (NO coloured or plastic mouthpieces are allowed).

​Guest Ticket Policy

During the week preceding a home game performance, members may request two (2) guest tickets to be reserved under their name through the Athletics Department at no cost. Ticket requests must be sent no later than Wednesday at noon (12pm) to the Program Manager. In your email, you should include your name, and the name of your two guests. It is possible to give your reserved tickets to others; simply submit your ticket request, under your name, and include the names of the guests as usual. 

Note: Guests must have a photo ID to pick up their tickets at Will Call.


Members of the Marching Sycamores who receive a scholarship (non majors who are receiving a Dudine Scholarship) or a stipend (Leadership, and 3+ year members) will be held to a more exacting standard than other members. This will include stricter attendance requirements. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in stipend revocation. More information on stipends will be provided directly to those who are eligible for one. Stipend amount and availability is subject to change from year to year.

Instrument Rental

Students may rent University-owned instruments at Band Camp. The rental fee is $60 per semester, but the Sycamore Bands covers the rental fees for marching band-specific instruments (piccolos, tenor saxes, mellophones, baritones, sousaphones, and drumline). The band will not cover the rental for instruments such as clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, or trombone. The instrument must be returned in good working order as outlined on the rental contract. Should damage occur (accidental or normal wear) you are responsible for contacting Kelly Fallon, ISU Instrument Repair Technician (812-237-2755), and speaking with her about the damage. You should be prepared to pay for any damage to the instrument you have caused through accident or neglect.

​Do not “loan” your instrument to anyone. If your name is on the rental contract, you are responsible for any damage that might occur. Students needing to rent an instrument for Basketball band will need to return the instrument for inspection and re-rent the instrument for the next semester ($60 fee applies). As a part of the instrument rental policy, instruments should be in a polished condition for any and all performances by the Marching Sycamores. Only silver polish may be used on school instruments.

Shared Spots/Alternates

Some sections will contain "shared spots" - these may be assigned to new members or returning members alike.  If selected to share a spot, your status with the Marching Sycamores does not change. Essentially, shared spots alternate the spot; e.g., John and Jeremy share a spot...John marches Pregame for the first game, while Jeremy marches the halftime show. At the second game, Jeremy marches Pregame, while John marches the halftime show. Both would continue to participate in all other activities (Team March, Tailgate Trail, Parades, etc.)

During rehearsals, one person marches in the shared spot, and their spot buddy closely “shadows” them. Both members are expected to be marching (and playing!) throughout the entire rehearsal (this is not an opportunity for "time off"). Occasionally, someone in a shared spot may be asked to fill a spot vacated by an absent member or by a dismissal from the Marching Sycamores, often on short notice.Neighboring members will assist you in locating each set. 

Leadership personnel are responsible for monitoring the technique, skill, and behavior of those sharing spots in their section. If at any time they believe that one of these individuals exhibits these qualities better than someone with their own drill assignment, they may make a request to the Director to switch the drill assignments and give an alternate a permanent spot. 


Student Leadership is an important part of the Marching Sycamores. The following positions exist within our organization:

Program Manager
The Program Manager position requires an individual of the highest caliber, someone who has demonstrated advanced organizational skills, poise, maturity, and trustworthiness. The Program Assistant oversees various facets of the Marching Sycamores, including (but not limited) to: collecting information from members, band camp registration and housing, ordering necessary materials, miscellaneous finances, guest ticket requests, various clerical functions, and planning the end-of-season band banquet. After marching season, the Program Assistant helps the Director with planning, recruiting, and the general well-being of the program. This position will require the individual to return to campus before the beginning of band camp in order to prepare for camp. This is not a position that one can apply for - it is chosen by the Director, after close observation of demonstrated leadership and responsibility.

Assistant Program Manager
The Assistant Program Manager serves as an "apprentice" to the Program Manager, assisting with all of the duties and responsibilities listed above. This position will require the individual to return to campus before the beginning of band camp in order to prepare for camp. While the Program Manager can suggest members who would serve well in the role of Assistant Program Manager, the position is ultimately chosen by the Director. While it is expected that the Assistant Program Manager will eventually move up into the role of Program Manager, this is not a guarantee, with many factors playing into any such succession.

Drum Major 
In addition to serving as the on-field conductors, the drum majors carry several responsibilities throughout the season, including keeping attendance records, running physical and musical warmups, running music rehearsals, helping the Library Manager with the issue and maintenance of music and flip folders, copying parts and drill charts, and aiding the Director with multiple tasks on an as-assigned basis. Individuals selected for drum major must have strong musical qualities, self-discipline, and maturity. This position is open to members who have participated in Marching Sycamores for at least one season, and the individual must have participated every year they were eligible to while at Indiana State. Finalists will be chosen from the applicants after applications and interviews are completed, with auditions in front of a live ensemble happening in March.

Section Leaders 
This position reports directly to the Section Captain, and is responsible for running each instrumental section from a disciplinary standpoint, as well as a marching and musical perspective. Section leaders are expected to be strong musicians with the ability to run individual instrumental sectionals, and help members with their music one-on-one as often as needed. Ideally this is an upperclassman who has demonstrated leadership skills in the past; however, sophomores who have demonstrated leadership, maturity, and responsibility are also be eligible. This position is open to members who have participated in the Marching Sycamores for at least one season, and the individual must have participated every year they were eligible to while at Indiana State. Section leaders will be appointed for each of the following sections: Piccolo, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet, Mellophone, Trombone, Baritone, Sousaphone, Cymbals, Snares, Tenors, Bass Drums, Flags, Rifles, and Twirlers.

Library Manager and Assistant Manager
The Library Manager maintains the Marching Sycamores music library, assisting with the issue and maintenance of music and flip folders, making necessary music and drill copies, and addressing the needs of individual members as they "misplace" music and drill throughout the season. During the beginning of Basketball season, the Library Managers will also assist the Director in ensuring the SBB Flip Folders are completed correctly. The position is open to members who have participated in the Marching Sycamores for at least one season.

Equipment Manager 
Drives the Equipment Truck to and from rehearsals and performances. Ensures that the truck is in good working order and coordinates any repairs with the Band’s Administrative Assistant. With the assistance of the Field Manager (as well as Sousaphones and Drum Line during game days), loads and unloads all equipment, including instruments, audio equipment, and podiums, maintains/recharges the audio equipment after every rehearsal, and helps keep all storage areas clean and uncluttered.The individual in this position must be at least twenty-one years of age and must take a driving test through the university to be certified. This position is open to members who have participated in Marching Sycamores for at least one season.This is a paid position through the university.

Crew Manager
This position will coordinate the painting/lining of the band’s rehearsal field, ensuring that it is always in good working condition. Also ensures that the field is left clean and that any items left behind are placed in the Lost and Found. Works with the Equipment Manager to set up the Audio System for use at every rehearsal and on Saturday mornings prior to home games. This position also coordinates with the Sousaphone and Percussion section leaders to load and unload all equipment for game days. This position is open to members who have participated in Marching Sycamores for at least one season. If the individual selected is 21 years of age (or takes a special licensing exam through the University), they may also be asked to assist in driving the Equipment Truck.


Uniform Manager & Assistant
This Uniform Manager is in charge of all Marching Sycamores uniforms and apparel, including distribution, uniform fitting, general upkeep and maintenance, and collection of all uniforms and uniform parts at the end of the season. The position requires the individual to return to campus before the start of band camp in order to prepare. It is open to members who have participated in Marching Sycamores for at least one season. The Assistant Uniform Manager serves as an "apprentice" to the Uniform Manager, assisting with all of the duties and responsibilities listed above. While it is expected that the Assistant Uniform Manager will eventually move up into the role of Uniform Manager, this is not a guarantee, with many factors playing into any such succession.

Media Manager 
Serves as the band’s historian and publicist by keeping records of band activities, taking pictures and videos of rehearsals, performances, and special events. Experience with multimedia, photography, and videography is expected. This position is open to members who have participated in the Marching Sycamores for at least one season. 

Properties Manager
The Properties Manager is in charge of all ISUMS-owned inventory. At the beginning of the season, the Properties Manager helps Kelly Fallon distribute instruments and collect rental agreements, as well as distribute and keep records on miscellaneous equipment such as lyres, flip folders, slide covers, sousaphone covers, and more. At the end of the season, the Properties Manager assists with the return of all items that need to be returned.

Click here for a breakdown of current leadership.

File Center

To organize music, drill charts, and other ensemble-related forms and information in one place, the Marching Sycamores utilizes a DropBox file center for all forms, music, drill charts, and coordinate sheets. Should music or coordinate sheets become lost or damaged, or an absence form is needed, proper procedure would be to visit the file center, download and print off the required materials before rehearsal. Should the needed materials not be available in the file center, please ask a section leader for further information. The Sycamore Bands File Center link will be emailed to all members of the Marching Sycamores. If you have not yet received the emailed link, please contact the Director. 

Equipment Truck

Guidelines for loading and unloading the equipment truck are as follows:

  • The Equipment Manager will convene a Loading Crew, consisting of all sousaphone and percussion members, as well as any members seeking to demonstrate leadership in advance of applying for positions the following year. If you wish to volunteer to be a member of the Loading Crew, speak with the Equipment Manager.
  • The Equipment Manager will determine the loading schedule prior to a rehearsal or performance.
  • The drumline and sousaphone section leaders will work with the Equipment Manager in coordinating the loading / unloading of their section’s equipment.
  • Any instrument loaded onto the truck MUST be in its case.
  • The Loading Crew will load the drum major podiums, yard markers, PA system and any other equipment necessary for regular rehearsals.
  • For Saturday performances, the equipment truck will be loaded immediately following Friday rehearsal with all necessary equipment for the performance.

Note: The equipment truck will not be utilized for the regular storage of instruments and equipment.

Additional Performance Opportunities

Sycamore Basketball Band
During early fall, members of the Marching Sycamores will be given the opportunity to apply for membership in the Sycamore Basketball Band, following an informational rehearsal. The band performs at all home basketball games (men and women), as well as post-season tournament games. Due to our unique "pool assignment" system, members do not have to perform at each and every single game, but rather can choose which games to attend in advance (though members must meet a minimum threshold to qualify for a scholarship).

Concert Ensembles
Indiana State University has several high quality concert ensembles you may choose to participate in. The Wind Orchestra and the Wind Symphony are the two top auditioned wind ensembles, while the Concert Band is a non-auditioned group that meets once a week. The Symphony Orchestra is open by audition, as is the Jazz Ensemble. For more information on the ensembles or the audition process, please use the drop down menu above.