For the most up to date tuition rates, see ISUs Graduate Tuition page by Clicking HERE

Approximate Cost of Attendance (COA) for entire 2 year program:

Fees (TOTAL) In-State Out-of-State
Books 530 530
Tuition/Fees* 35868 61188
Personal Expenses 2675 2675
Room&Board 9988 9988
Travel^ 850 850
Loan Fees 150 150
TOTAL  $  50,061.00  $ 75,381.00

*-2020-2021 academic year estimate ($419/cr in-state and $823/cr out-of state with $8,000 total program fee

^-does not include clinical rotations

Genetic Counseling students are eligible to change their residency to Indiana before beginning the program. Students maintain in-state status during the second year, regardless of which state they reside in for clinical rotations. 

During the first year, Genetic Counseling students are able to hold Graduate Assistant positions on campus, which provide a monthly stipend as well as a tution waiver. More information on Graduate Assistantships can be found here

Also be aware that each semester will have different costs depending on credit hours for that particular semester.