Tessa Williams
Blue Chandelier
oil on canvas
36 x 36

“Blue Chandelier” is a response to an experience I had with a fellow member of the art community in which they stated: “If you’ve seen one Chihuly piece, you’ve seen them all.”. Being that Dale Chihuly holds a favorable amount of importance in the development of my artistic career, I was floored by the accusation. Therefore, I found myself exploring and reflecting on the playfulness of the glassworks through a different media.

I want to show that despite the many critics and evaluations, the work of artists that develop a specific and narrowed style is still significant. I hope that as art evolves, pleasant uncertainties and surprises can still be found throughout all artists’s work.















Tessa Williams
acrylic on canvas
32 x 48

“Float” is a visualization of my personal experience with the significance and acceptance of the female form, as represented by a series of paintings and prints. The contemporary feminine experience, with its floating balance of awareness and repression of welcoming the female body, provides both a context and reason for this work to exist. The female form, with its originality and variety, has been explored throughout the history of art, and remains a popular subject.

Although the topic has increased immensely in awareness in the past several years, it remains a largely difficult, multifaceted subject for many to grasp. Through my limited lens of my personal experience and with the connection that art creates with its audience, I hope to foster a dialogue about feminism; not as a subject of the past but from the understanding and intimacy of a shared emotional and physical nudity.

Anti-feminist attitudes and pressures, intentional or not, are frequent catalysts in my life for the lack of societal control in regards to the acceptance of female form. I had been so accustomed to society’s influence for such a long time that I began to reflect outside views of my body as absolute. After exploring and learning about how I can combat this for myself and others, I unearthed a power and confidence in myself.