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Senior Studio/Advanced Painting (ARTS 400D/ARTS 430)


The theme for this exhibition was collaboratively determined by students enrolled in Intermediate, Senior Studio, and Advanced Painting classes during the Spring 2020 semester.  The works included explore literal, metaphoric, and symbolic interpretations of the theme through a range of approaches, techniques, and materials.

Students in Senior Studio and Advanced Painting investigated a range of approaches to the theme.  Some chose to interpret the words "reflection" and "refraction" as nouns, while others considered them as verbs.  No matter which strategy they took, each painting gives us new and personal ways of thinking about what the acts of reflecting and refracting can imply.

Contributing student artists:
Alexis Mullins
Bailey McWilliams
Billy Pillow
Cody Devine
Janeece Warner
Jennefer Weeks
Jordan Leverenz
Kaylee Glasgow
Sarah Ahmer
Tessa Williams