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Charly Logsdon






















Charly Logsdon
Unwind Before Euphoria: Uptight


Lord Knows












Charly Logsdon
Lord Knows
India Ink, China Marker, Watercolor on paper
Each panel 18in x 24in


2016 Exploration




















Charly Logsdon
2016: Exploration
Watercolor, India Ink, Ebony Pencil on Yupo paper
Each paper 8in x 11in


2020 Growth






















Charly Logsdon
2020: Growth
Alcohol Ink, Spray Paint, Marker, Ebony Pencil on canvas with digital drawing
36in x 48in


As far back as I can remember, the urge to make my creative mark on the world has compelled me.  My parents had a full-time job attempting to keep markers, paint, and writing utensils out of my reach.  Carpet was my canvas.  Walls were my drawing boards.  Still, at 23 years old, when I get inspiration, I find the nearest utensil and canvas and then dive into it without any plan.  When I begin, I don't know the outcome of each piece.  The artwork evolves as an intuitive and theraputic practice.  My playful abstractions combine creative mark-making, patterning, and gestural application of color.  I want the viewer to journey around the canvas, enjoying the twists and turns of each composition.  My love for the abstract allows me to introduce unique beauty to the world by pulling from the universe, nature, and emotion.  The challenge of creating something new is the vulnerability that goes into showing a different side of myself in each piece.  Ever since I was a kid, there has been a constant need for experimentation and a persistent thirst for learning.  My personal journey is a continuation of learning how to combine technique, medium, and feeling.  My plans after graduation are to become an art therapist and a working artist.  My professors here at Indiana State University have taught me more than I could have ever learned on my own.  I am eternally grateful for my undergraduate career and am looking forward to what lies ahead.

Charly Logsdon will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with an Intermedia concentration.