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Grant Sailes

The Ronin's Way by Grant Sailes
The Ronin's Way
Digital Animation
The Search by Grant Sailes
The Search
Digital Animation


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My name is Grant Sailes, I am a graduating senior and a digital artist.  The two pieces I am showing are called The Ronin's Way and The Search.  These two pieces are my strongest digital animations I have created in my four years of being an intermedia major at Indiana State University.  I am the most proud of these pieces because they both tell impactful stories in their own way.  The Ronin's Way is about a man named Rin who was a top ranking member of a secret society of assassins since he was a small child.  Rin was the best of the best until one day he had enough of the senseless killings, and wanted to live a normal life.  The members of the secret society did not tolerate this.  The assassins then decided to chase after Rin, hunt him down and kill him for his betrayal.  Luckily Rin escapes and continues to live a normal life with a wife and child.  Six years later the assassins found his family and kill them.  Rin then seeks his revenge on the secret society.

The Search takes place in 3012.  The story is about two married astronauts named Damion and Sonya Price and they are on a quest to search for new life on other planets.  The majority of the quest has been a total failure, until they come across a black hole.  The two astonauts are then separated, Sonya back to earth and Damion into the void.

These two pieces were inspired by various sources and I wanted to show that I have the skills to produce something creative and professional.  I hope to continue making digital animations after college and to hopefully one day have a business of my own or work for a major company.

Grant Sailes will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with an Intermedia concentration.