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Maggie Messmer

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Maggie Messmer
Acadia Magazine
Adobe Creation
Spring 2019
8.5in x 11in

For my magazine layout project, I decided to create a three-page spread layout about Acadia National Park.  We were instructed to research various national parks in the United States and choose one that we would like to visit.  I have always loved Maine, so naturally, I was drawn to Acadia National Park.  The format for my Acadia Magazine was inspired by the information I gathered about the park.  Individuals who have visited the park often describe Acadia as: "Breathtaking," "Massive," and a "Can't miss experience."

I decided to take these views of the park and incorporate them into how I designed the layout for the magazine.  I wanted to include pictures of the breathtaking views, and information about the can't miss experiences that many guests of the park rave about.  At the same time, I also wanted to make sure the layout of this magazine was smooth, clean, and easy to read.  Each section of the magazine will inform the reader about important aspects of the park, while being easy to navigate and appealing to the viewer's eyes.


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Maggie Messmer
Acadia Brochure 1, 2, 3
Adobe Creation
Spring 2019
8.5in x 11in, 11in x 17in, 11in x 8.5in

For my brochure project we were instructed to develop three types of brochures with the information we had gathered about our chosen National Park.  The first brochure layout was meant to be a standard, tri-fold brochure that included important information regarding the park.  The second brochure we created was to include the same information as the first brochure, in addition, would also include a map of the park and extra information regarding specific places within the park.  Then third brochure was our choice as the designer.  We were instructed to develop a brochure that still contained important information, but had a unique design.  For my brochure, I decided to design it so that when folded corectly, it would resemble a gem.  I chose this format due to Acadia National Park commonly being referred to as the gem of the Northeast.

I wanted each brochure layout to include important information, so that the layout did not seem overcrowded with text and in return the viewer would be more likely to engage with the brochure.  The brochures include a brief overview of the history of the park, park regulations and rules, top places to visit, interesting facts, and contact information.  I felt that all of this information was important to add to the brochures, for new and returning adult guests.  The background of the brochures was designed to get the children interested in the information in the brochure.  The images of the trees, birds, and hikers could be the spark that their imagination needs to explore all that Acadia National Park has to offer!

Maggie Messmer will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with a Graphic Design concentration.