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Nayasia-Rae Hubbert

Childrens Book1













Childrens Book2














Nayasia Hubbert
"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff Children's Book Storyboard
Digital Illustration
2ft x 3ft



Foodie Branding















Nayasia Hubbert
"Foodie" Branding Package
2ft x 3ft

















Nayasia Hubbert
Personal Branding and Mockups
2ft x 3ft


Hello, my name is Nayasia.  For my first piece I recreated the illustrations from the children's book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff.  I wanted to put my own spin on the illustrations and give it a fun paper cutout feel.  Obviously the story is not mine but all the illustrations are mine that I made myself.  I recreated each scene and made it my own, the way I saw it instead of relying on the same scenes used in the original book.  I really think that I captured the story in my drawings and made it my own without losing the integrity of the story.

My second piece was an independent project that I came up with and oversaw myself with some guidance here and there from my instructor.  I wanted to accomplish and tackle something very different than what I've ever done before and give myself a "real world" type of situation where I would possibly be asked to rebrand or create a brand from scratch.  I came up with the company myself and built on the concept for the company colors, design, and attitude of the packaging and stationary items.  I also took it a little further and created an ad campaign that I thought you would possibly see in rotation had this been a real company.

My last piece is just a mashup of mockups I created from pieces I've worked on throughout the year.  The yearbook book cover is the actual design I created for the ISU 2018-2019 yearbook.  During my time working for ISU Student Publications for the past four years I have also created three other designs for the ISU yearbook covers as well.  The other book cover I created from an old photography assignment that I thought would be cool to repurpose as a book cover that someone might leave on their coffee table and show off just because of how cool and unique it is.  In the piece you also see the packaging designs I created for my branding project for "Foodie."  And also a couple magazine covers and layout designs that were very successful as well.  I am also showcasing my personal branding here as well because I felt it was necessary to put my official stamp on all of my work that I am very proud of.

I think each one of these pieces showcases my versatility as a designer as well as my consistency with details and visual appeal.  I've always had a love of art, and throughout my journey of becoming a designer, I have found a way to turn my love of art into designs that effectively help people communicate and build relationships.  I am proud to be able to create beautiful things that serve a purpose in helping someone else get their own concepts and messages across in beautiful and innovative ways.  I hope you enjoy! 

Nayasia Hubbert will be graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Graphic Design concentration.