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Regan Zerwig

Regan chair

Regan chair 2

















Regan Zerwig
Pair of Chairs
Wood, cherry (stool and runners) & walnut (legs)
In progress, begun 01/2019
2ft x 2ft x 2ft


metal pyramidpyramid 2
















pyramid 3pyramid 4















Regan Zerwig
Geometric Pyramid
Steel, Sheet
2ft x 2ft x 2ft


ceramics 1ceramics 2








ceramics 3ceramics 4








ceramics 5








Regan Zerwig
Achitectural Form Group
Various dimensions


Model 2aModel 2b








Model 2cModel 2d








Regan Zerwig
Model 2: Additive and Subractive
Paperboard, Paper
8in x 8in x 8in


Model 4aModel 4b








Model 4cModel 4d








Model 4e








Regan Zerwig
Model 4: Planes
Paperboard, Paper
8.5in x 8in x 8in


Model 5aModel 5b















Model 5cModel 5d















Regan Zerwig
Model 5: Final Application
Paperboard, Paper
14in x 8.5in x 8.5in

I am inspired as an artist by my dad and my grandfather.  My grandfather worked on the farm for some of his life, but also had a long career as a carpenter.  My father has always been a handy man, he helped on the farm with carpentry tasks, but he decided to pursue a degree at a technical college.  He worked hard and eventually bought land from my grandfather to build a house.  My dad and grandfather worked together on the design and construction of the house.  He also has a hobby of wood working and has made wooden bowls, plates, signs, a doll house, and even furniture.  In his lifetime he has always had a wood shop with many tools and materials that he encouraged me to explore and make use of.  Because of my family's history and past experiences, I aspire to be like my relatives before me.  Throughout my education, I have studied geometry, architecture and design and I have been inspired by many forms and various structures.  My artwork consists of abstract and functional ceramic, wood and metal sculptures and furniture.  I want to push the forms generally thought of as architectural and geometric.  I want to rediscover these forms and ideas as they relate to art.  In Geometric Pyramid, I have explored basic pyamidal shapes that are combined to make a repetitive pattern with use of texture and finish.  My work focuses on architectural elements and basic geometric shapes because of my connection to the spaces and places around me, representing architectural experiences and a reflection of my history.  This can be seen in Architectural Form Group with the building-like figures and the exploration of negative space with the circle and square cutouts, as well as the use of line, shape, scale, light, and shadow.  I showcase my skills through developing the beauty inherent in experimental geometry, precise measurements, and the exploration of figure and form.

Regan Zerwig will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with a 3D concentration.