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Teaching Practice: A History of Mentorship at Indiana State University


teaching practice

For generations, faculty and staff have dedicated their time and expertise to mentoring the next generation of students. Featuring works from faculty and staff represented in the Indiana State University Permanent Art Collection, this exhibition honors the mentors that have supported and guided our students over the years.

Jennifer D. Anderson
Karl Barnaby
Nick Barnhart
Peter Bruning
Fredrick W Bunce
Harriet McNeal Caplow
Whitney Engeran
Roslyn R Erbes
David Erickson
Robert Evans
Jack Gates
Dick Hay
Leroy Lamis
John Laska
John Lutig
Philip Lindsay Mason
Kaz McCue
Charles Reddington
James T. Sampson
Stephen Smithers
Johnathan Thomas
Adrian Tió
William Thomas Turman
Don Turner
Jerry Vargo
Christi Wells
Louis Williams