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C.A.R.S. Exhibit with Alumna Caroline Heath

C.A.R.S. Exhibit with Alumna Caroline Heath
September 28 - October 23

The Bare-Montgomery Gallery has teamed up with Alumna Caroline Heath to produce an exhibit showcasing works by Ms. Heath's clients at the Child Adult Resource Services Center. A total of 13 artists' works are on display throughout facets of this exhibition.


C.A.R.S. Exhibit with Alumna Caroline Heath, Fall 2020

On Thursday, October 8, Alumna Caroline Heath spoke with online participants through a Zoom talk for the C.A.R.S exhibit on display in the Bare-Montgomery Memorial Gallery. The exhibit, Across the Board: Different Mediums, Different Styles, Different Possibilities, showcased works by Ms. Heath's clients at the Child Adult Resource Services Center in Brazil, Indiana, with a total of 13 artists' works on display from September 28-October 23, 2020.

What is Child Adult Resource Center?

CARS is a non-profit organization that focuses on enriching the lives of and empowering adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

What is My Fabulous Self Art Studio?

MFSAS is part of the Clay Day Center location.  The studio allows for individuals to spend as much time as they choose expressing themselves creatively.  The studio is currently run by Caroline Heath.  There is a drawing, painting, embroidery, bead art, and mosaic station.  The studio will soon be expanding into ceramics with a new kiln.  The studio has also recently acquired a new loom.

Who is Caroline Heath?

I graduated from ISU in May of 2019 with my Bachelor in Fine Arts with a concentration in 2-D and a minor in Art History.  I began working with CARS in December of 2019.  My job is to help our individuals learn how to express themselves through art.  Everyday I strive to keep our artists engaged, learning, and happy.

Why collaborate with ISU?

After coming back to visit my studio professors, Nancy Nichols-Pethick suggested a collaboration between my new place of employment and the ISU Art Department.  It seemed like the perfect fit.  Community involvement is important for us.  Too often people with disabilities are left out and we want our individuals to truly be a part of their community.  Art has always been one of the earliest and most basic forms of communication that humans have.  We hope that by displaying their art in such a public area, our artists can form strong bonds with their community members.  We also want our artists to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride by seeing their art up on gallery walls, where their family and peers can admire their hard work.

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