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Elizabeth Jones

Let's all go to the lobby






















Elizabeth Jones
Let's All Go To The Lobby
Scanner Photography

I've always loved the vibrancy of candy packaging.  Every single package of candy usually has multiple colors to catch your eye.  With this picture I wanted to capture the idea of walking into an older movie theater that has posters of the different snacks they want to sell you.  I used the scanner to create this image.  I really enjoyed the random patterns of the candy when I dropped it on the scanner, so I didn't plan the placement of any of the items.


School's out













Elizabeth Jones
School's Out
Digital Photography

With the virus going around I wanted to get a picture that will stand as a memory when all of this is over.  My town hall had to close the playround in front of the elementary school because people were continuing to gather in large numbers.  I'm hoping that in the near future I'll be able to hear everyone enjoying the outdoors.

Elizabeth Jones will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with a 2D concentration.