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Graduate Assistantships/Fellowships

The University appoints a number of assistants and fellows through its academic departments. Selection is highly competitive. Students seeking information on the availability of and standards for appointment should contact the appropriate academic department.

In addition, a limited number of assistantships are available elsewhere on campus; open positions are available on the Career Center website under Student Employment.

For further information on standards and requirements for assistantships and fellowships, visit the graduate catalog.


Graduate Assistantship Work Dates

Graduate Assistants will begin work on the Thursday prior to the first day of classes for the semester.  Graduate Assistants will work throughout the semester until their last day of work which will be the Friday before Commencement.  Summer Graduate Assistants may have altered start and end dates, please contact the supervisor for more information regarding specific Summer work dates.


Graduate Assistantship Information for Spring 2021

Graduate assistants must report to work on the Thursday before the first day of classes.  Because of the change in schedule for the Spring 2021 semester, that date has changed to January 14, 2021.  The last day of work will be the same: May 7, 2021.

All graduate assistants must enter hours in Kronos on January 14 or 15 to be paid for the ST-2 pay period.  The amount of pay will not change; graduate assistants receive one-ninth of their semester stipend for each pay period.


Graduate Assistantship Information for Summer 2021

 The first day of work for graduate assistants for the Summer 2021 term will be May 13th, classes will start the following Monday, May 17th.  The last day of work for the summer semester will be July 30th.


Information for Current Assistants/Fellows

Graduate Assistantship Termination Request (PDF)


Hiring Forms for Assistants/Fellows