Join us in highlighting our Graduate Sycamores!


Riley Morrissey

Coordinated Program in Dietetics

I am from Louisville Kentucky! I went to Western Kentucky University for undergrad to get my BFA in Musical Theatre Performance. I had gone to a performing arts high school, so going to college for the arts seemed like the right next step. While I was in undergrad, I discovered a love for all things nutrition, fitness, and wellness. A couple years after I graduated from WKU, I decided to make the leap and pursue a Masters in Dietetics so that I could eventually receive the title of RD. I took all the prerequisites locally, and here I am today at ISU! A couple interesting facts about myself: I collect coffee mugs, I've run two half marathons, and I sing at weddings.






Emilie Kientz

Master of Public Health

Hi everyone! My name is Emilie and I am from Putnam county Indiana! I came to ISU in 2016 for my undergrad because I was looking for a place that felt like home! The campus is beautiful and just the right size for a small town girl. I loved STATE so much I decided to stay for another 2 years as I pursue my Master’s degree! An interesting fact about myself is that I can quote every word to the movie Elf and Christmas is my favorite time of the year!











Niladri Mondal

Biology Ph.D.

So far the journey has been pretty good. We have a nice dept. with people from different background of Life science, helping us to grow more. Originally, I am from the eastern coastal region of India. I started looking for a Ph.D. while I was still in my MSc 2nd semester. And while looking for it I luckily found Dr. Gante(My current Ph.D. advisor). We both work with fish so I started applying. And the next thing I know, I landed at Terre Haute on August 19; shortly after I defended my master's thesis. Apart from my Ph.D., I love food (mostly fish and mutton) and also love to cook whenever I got time.










Katy Hinesley

Biology MS

I am an online graduate student living south of Indianapolis and teaching AP biology full time at a private high school in Indianapolis. I am married to my husband, Matt, who I met while we were doing our undergraduate degrees at Purdue University. While at Purdue, I earned my BS in genetics and biology education. We have two sons, Max (3) and Josh (6 months). I decided to attend ISU in 2019 to deepen my AP biology curriculum and to offer my students more authentic college experience. Though juggling working full time, raising two boys, and attending graduate school is a lot I am blessed and excited that ISU has offered me a rare opportunity where I can attend school and fulfill all of my other roles of wife, mother, teacher, and now once again a student.


Samantha Walker

Doctor of Nursing Practice

I was born and raised in Indiana, the only one of my immediate family to attend college. I am an ISU alumnus where I earned my Associate and Bachelor of Science in nursing, Master of Science in Nursing Education, and am currently working on my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. I lived both on and off campus through the years, and chose ISU because I love the small-town feel, faculty engagement, and evolving programs that have allowed me the flexibility to meet my work/life balance and professional goals. While attending ISU, I raised my family and became a grandmother, twice! I work in senior care, with my DNP scholarly project focused on improving the lives of seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer's/dementia. Attending ISU has given me educational and leadership opportunities in life, including a pharmaceutical internship and Graduate Assistantship, that I would not have had, otherwise. With much respect and gratitude to ISU and the nursing faculty and staff at the School of Nursing, I am looking forward to the new opportunities my doctorate degree will afford me in the future.


Martia Brawner King

Ph.D. Educational Administration

I have worked in Higher Education at Purdue University since 2007. In 2013 I met Dr. Mary Howard Hamilton as she was visiting my immediate supervisor for his internship experience as part of the Doctoral program. She spoke to our entire team about the Higher Education Administration program at Indiana State and from there I was sold. I've loved every aspect of the institution, the faculty, and even the students. Dr. Kandance Hinton as been an amazing faculty member and chair. She has been there to answer any and every question and a true definition of support. I could not be here without her or Dr. Mary. As I was pacing the hall right before my dissertation proposal defense, a random student stopped me in the hall and said.... don't got this. That simple act of kindness shows the support the student body has for one another. During my journey as a doctoral student, I worked full-time, along with my husband raised boy/girl twins that are now six, and have given birth to a little boy. The interesting fact about me is that I work hard and against all odd... I will succeed.


Hung Ha

Spatial & Earth Sciences PhD

I started my school at ISU from 2015 as a Vietnam Education Foundation fellow in the Department of Earth & Environmental Systems (EES). It took me a couple of year to Being as a graduate student at ISU helps me to grow up in both my critical thinking and my technical skills. I am working with geospatial data for environmental mapping and urban sprawl monitoring, which requires a solid background in computer science (CS). In my first two years at ISU, I did not have the relevant CS skills to do good with my study and my research. It was the efforts of Dr. Stephen Aldrich and Dr. Jeffery Stone at EES who 'tortured' me in their classes in a positive way that made me improved so much. For now, I'm in the progress of doing my dissertation and assist in teaching a course using programming for geospatial data processing for water and soil mapping. The enjoyment and confidence that I have gained from my program really prepared me as a scientist and a teacher in science later in my career.


Kayleigh Fisher

Linguistics/TESL MA

I'm from Marion, OH (just north of Columbus), and I got my BA in Asian Studies from a small liberal arts college in Ohio. Because of that, ISU feels big to me, but the academic and leadership opportunities at ISU have been great! I have been able to work closely with faculty and conduct research that I am interested in, as well as gain teaching experience as an ESL TA. I will also be able to continue my research as I have been admitted to one of my top choice PhD programs for the fall of 2020. When I'm not studying or doing research, I enjoy makeup, fashion, and cuddling with my cat, Simba.





Jonas Eberhardt

Linguistics/TESL MA

I'm from Herten, Germany. I graduated with a degree in English and Social Science from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany. A fellow student and friend of mine had completed the MA Linguistics/TESL program and kind of “lured” me here to ISU. My studies have been fun but stressful (of course). I am a teaching assistant teaching German 101 in my 4th semester now. In my free time I like watching baseball, playing guitar, and traveling. I have been to 19 different States so far, with 7 more coming after I graduate in May.





Will Anastasiadis

Clinical Psychology PsyD

I am originally from Cleveland, OH. I came to Indiana State University because of the strong mentorship, collaborative and supportive nature of the clinical psychology doctoral program. ISU also had a great reputation in clinical psychology, with a high licensure and internship rate. Thus far, I have enjoyed my time at ISU; I feel very supported by my advisor, Dr. Liz O'Laughlin. I also have been actively involved in clinical research through IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis, and in ISU's Psychology Department. Interesting fact: I enjoy traveling and running! I ran my first full marathon in Wisconsin last year, and I am signed up for a couple races around the U.S. this upcoming year, as well.



Kathryn Mudica

Ph.D. Earth Science

My focus is on biogeochemistry of Indiana waterways. I study water quality using North American river otters as a sentinel species. If I am not in the lab, I am somewhere outside near water! I grew up in Northern Indiana living right on a major river so river ecology and water quality has always been a big part of my life. I received my B.S. in Biology at ISU and then started graduate school in the Earth and Environmental Systems department. One of my favorite parts of being a grad student is getting to teach Intro to Environmental Science Lab and inspiring others to care about the Earth.





Madelyn Hardwick

Masters of Social Work

I have had an incredibly busy, but positive and rewarding graduate experience. I graduated with my BSW in May from ISU, and am in the Advanced Placement program for my Masters of Social Work degree. I am focusing on working with the addictions population and absolutely love what I do. I'm currently a counselor at Indiana State University's Student Counseling Center. I am from Plainfield, Indiana, and I'm vegan! I have a food blog that I love to create unique and fun vegan, cruelty free meals.






Gage Golish

Computer Science

I'll be working for Johnson Controls as a software engineer after graduating. As for something exciting I have worked on a Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) research project associated with Deep Learning, with another ISU Computer Science graduate student last semester. Where we attempted to generate a new Bob Ross painting from low-resolution paintings with limited processing power.

Allison Crick


I am from Terre Haute, Indiana and came to ISU for the incredible scholarships and opportunities. I graduated with my undergraduate degree in Accounting and Marketing in May 2019. Now I work as a Graduate Assistant for the Sales and Negotiations Center and Business Analyst at KAR Global. A fun fact about me is that I LOVE to travel and have been to 15 countries!




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