Appendix E: Policies for Posting Notices

The University provides facilities for the posting of University related and private notices under the following criteria:

1. Notices must have the name, address, and telephone number of an authorized organization representative (or individual if not affiliated with an organization) clearly printed on the back of the notice.

2. The notice cannot promote any activity in violation of University regulation or policy, or federal, state, or local law or statute.

3. Hulman Memorial Student Union and Residential Life have limitations on the size of notices. Users should contact the directors of those facilities concerning these limitations. In all other areas, posted notices may be no larger than 18 inches by 24 inches.

4. Outdoor displays cannot be nailed to trees or other structures or objects. The use of string, tape, or wire is  suggested. No stakes or postholes may be used without the written permission of Facilities Management. Chalking with water soluble chalk is restricted to flat, horizontal walkways in open areas that will allow rain to eventually wash the chalk away. Chalking is prohibited on benches, walls, or other vertical surfaces. Chalking is not allowed on the brick paver walkways.

5. Posters may not be attached to the sides of buildings. Banners may be hung from buildings if approved by the building supervisor and Facilities Management. Posters and notices may not be placed on glass (entry) doors or windows.

6. Private parties may post notice of meetings and services as long as the above criteria are followed. Posters are removed after two weeks or at the end of the effective date of the posted message, whichever comes first.

7. Priority is given to those notices posted by University departments and by registered/recognized student organizations.

*The University may remove and discard any outdated notice, or any notice posted in violation of the criteria outlined above.


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