Appendix F: Student Rights Under FERPA / Parental Notification


Congress amended the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) in late 1998 to permit colleges and universities to notify the parents or guardians of students about violations of campus alcohol and drug policies, regardless of age. For specifics regarding FERPA, please visit


It is the goal of Indiana State University to expand the partnership with parents/guardians in encouraging students to make reasonable, responsible, and healthy decisions about alcohol and other drugs. In addition, we know that there is a strong association between a declining academic performance and the illegal/abusive use of alcohol and other drugs by our students. By notifying parents/guardians of violations of this nature, we have the opportunity to work together to aid in the academic success and healthy social integration of our students.

Details of Notification

If a student under the age of 21 is found responsible violating 3.3.3 Drug Related Behavior and/or 3.3.4 Alcohol Related Behavior of the Code of Student Conduct, SCI will notify the student’s parents/guardians in writing.

Written notifications will not include specific details of the incident(s), circumstances surrounding the violation(s), or any specifics of the case. If parents/guardians are interested in receiving more information are encouraged to discuss the case with their student. If questions remain, parents/guardians are encouraged to contact SCI.


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