Appendix G: Title IX Information

Additional Information

Notification is designed to inform parents/guardians a violation has occurred and to encourage an educational discussion between parents/guardians and their student. Notifications will be sent for repeat violations of 3.3.4- Alcohol Related Behavior and for first time/repeat violations of 3.3.3- Drug Related Behavior.

An integral part of the conduct adjudication process will be the discussion concerning notification of the parents/ guardians. Consideration will be given to situations where notification may be detrimental to the student or family.

When there is reason to believe that a student’s health and well-being are at risk or they have placed other members of the community at risk, the Dean of Students or his/her designee may contact the parents/guardians directly.

The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for the Stalking Policy, Sexual Misconduct Policy, as well as Intimate Partner Violence Policy (University Handbook: 922 Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct). The Title IX Coordinator also provides direct leadership of the process, training, and response for each of those policies. For full policy and procedural information (including definitions of consent), go to the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Office website:


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