8.2 Amendments and Review

Amendments may be proposed by the Indiana State Student Government Association (SGA), Residence Hall Association (RHA), University Senate, administrative staff, or by the Board of Trustees. A committee, under the direction of the Director of SCI, will be formed to review any proposed amendments. The committee will include, but is not limited to: SGA, RHA, University Police, Residential Life, and Student Activities and Organizations, Academic Affairs. A response from the committee must occur 30-calendar days from submission of the proposal. The committee may approve, amend, request a 30- day extension or reject any proposal. Failure to respond may be cause of the initial proposal to be submitted for consideration without comment from the committee.

Recommendations made by the Policy Review Committee will be provided to the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) for review and comment and proceed to Faculty Senate prior to submitting the recommendations for approval.

The Board of Trustees has delegated approval of any amendments and/or recommendations to alter the Code of Student Conduct to the President. The President will have the authority to set the day for which any amendments become effective for the University. Approved amendments will be provided to the Board of Trustees for review at which time amendments may be permanently accepted or rejected.

In addition, the Code of Student Conduct shall be reviewed at least every two years under the direction of the Director of SCI or other University official designated by the Vice President for Student Affairs. The aforementioned committee will assist in the bi-annual review. Updates may be made to the Code of Student Conduct as necessary depending on legal updates and campus needs. Recommendations stemming from the review will be submitted to the President and Board of Trustees for approval.

University community members will be notified of all approved amendments, as well as effective date, via electronic notification ( e.g. e-mail, MyISU Portal announcement, Communications Today).


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