5.6 Disciplinary Status Outcomes Applied to Student Organization

  • Conduct Warning may occur when an organization is notified that conduct of its members has not been in keeping with the expectations of the University. A thorough explanation of University policies is given. The student officers and University advisor of the organization are instructed that further violations of University policies could be cause for additional disciplinary action.
  • Probation is a formal status during which the organization will have certain restrictions placed on it for a period of time. The organization is removed from good standing with the University for no less than the equivalent of one full semester. Restrictions and provisions of the probation are individualized to the particular needs of the organization; these may include restrictions on social events, on use of University facilities, or on participation in campus-wide events (e.g., Homecoming or Spring Week). Charges for any damages or costs incurred as a result of a violation may also be assessed. Any further violation of University regulations or probation restrictions while on probation means that an organization subjects itself to further disciplinary action. University officials with responsibility for adherence to restrictions placed on the organization will be notified, as well as the persons responsible for registration of student organizations. Additionally, national offices of affiliated student organizations will be notified.
  • Temporary Separation (Suspension) involves the recognition/registration status of an organization being temporarily terminated with the University for an indefinite period of time (no less than the equivalent of one semester). Additional conditions may be specified.
  • Revocation of Recognition / Registration of Student Organization action indicates that an organization’s standing as a registered student organization of the University is permanently terminated.


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