3.0 Purpose

Students at Indiana State University are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and civil manner. Personal conduct and communication, either directly or indirectly with other students as well as faculty and staff, should conform to the University’s community values and standards. As members of the at-large community, students are encouraged to resolve disagreements through informal, frank, and open discussion. Often conflicts can be lessened, if not resolved, by clearing up misperceptions and misunderstandings. Students are strongly encouraged to resolve any related concerns in this manner. However, the University also recognizes that occasionally more formal processes are needed. All such activities, whether informal or formal, must be carried out by all participants within a framework of good faith and general respect for one another. Students are encouraged to contact SCI for assistance or guidance in resolving any concerns or conflicts. Conflicts may be resolved through established disciplinary procedures and/or conflict resolution strategies.

It is an expectation of the University that students have a reasonable knowledge of and adhere to the following prohibited conduct and policies:


Student Conduct and Integrity
Hulman Memorial Student Union
Room 821
Office: 812.237.3800