7.2 Right to Review Conduct Record

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students and eligible parents the right to "inspect and review the education records of the student." (section 99.10 (a). Disciplinary records maintained by the University are considered education records as defined by this law. Parents of a dependent student as defined by the Internal Revenue Code will receive notification of sanctions of certain violations of the Code of Student Conduct (See section III of the Code of Student Conduct, subsection D. "Types of Disciplinary Action" for details.)

All materials in the disciplinary record are the property of Indiana State University. This includes, printed summaries, audio recordings of hearings, written recommendations or decisions reflecting findings of responsible or not responsible as well as the conduct process outcome(s) assigned to those students found in violation. The University will not release these materials to any party, unless compelled to do so through a court order. Students may request an opportunity to review those records by scheduling an appointment with the SCI.

SCI has established guidelines in order to afford students and eligible parents access to the disciplinary record, while exercising the institution’s responsibility to privacy required by law. A dependent student who desires that his/her parent review his/her disciplinary record must provide written consent to SCI.

Materials provided an accused student (e.g. complaint, witness statements, charges) become the property and the responsibility of the accused student.


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