Donate to OLLI

Why OLLI Members Give

“Donating to OLLI is like making a sound investment in my own future, as well as a way of saying, ‘thank you’ for the wide variety of experiences OLLI continually offers. OLLI has become an amazing part of my life.” — Judy H.

“OLLI is a shining light in my life. Attend just one class and you’ll see what I mean. I give because OLLI has earned my support many times over.”—Richard W.

The OLLI Annual Fund – Why Is It Needed?

Membership fees cover only a portion of the amount OLLI needs to operate. Your contribution means that yearly membership dues can be kept low as we continue to bring you the high-quality educational program you’ve come to expect from OLLI. The annual fund accounts for 7% of the overall budget, and plays an important role in keeping the budget in balance. In addition, it meets a key requirement of our endowment from the Bernard Osher Foundation that we engage in fund-raising efforts each year.

The Perfect Time to Give

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have given so generously in response to our fall 2018 donation letter. For those still considering a gift, we would like to challenge you to make the same investment in our institute that the Osher Foundation and other OLLI members have done by asking you to contribute to the institute that has become a large part of the lives of individuals in our community. Our goal is to raise $20,000 by August 1, 2019 with fifty percent of our membership contributing. 

Giving Levels

Pathfinder: $1000 and Up
Achiever: $500-$999
Supporter: $100-$499

To make a donation:

  • Fill out the donate to OLLI part of the registration form
  • Call the OLLI Office at 812-237-9040 to donate by credit card

Thank you to the OLLI Members and Supporters that have already donated!

Pathfinder $1000 and Up

Sheron Dailey - In memory of Otis J. Aggertt

Achiever: $500-$999

James & Tonya Dickey

Lata Ganatra

Deanna & Elmer Guerri

Judy Hatch

Dorothy Jerse

Supporter: $100-$499

Jacquelyn Bradfield

Darrell & Nancy Bratt

Joyce Brosey

Thomas & Victoria Cloyd

Faye Cowan

Corinne & Robert Cowden

Bev & James Cristee

Dorothy Drummond - In Honor of Michelle Bennett, OLLI Program Administrator

Nancy & Paul Edgerton

Teresa & Tom Edwards - In Honory of the OLLI Staff

Gene England

David & Ruth Erickson - In Memory of Dorthy Drummond

Philip Ewoldsen & David Rose

Elisabeth & Richard Friedman

Elizabeth Garland

Peg Giesler

Laura Goodrich

Rebecca Graves

Brenda & Bill Green

Jerry & Nancy Hile - In Memory of Dr. William Brett

Will & Betsy Hine

Margaret Hopkins

Effie Hunt - In Memory of Mary Ann Carroll

Carolyn Kidder

Jerry & Barbara Lehman

Darlene Lewis

Barbara Lidster

Rea Jane Linville

Bruce & Connie McLaren

Kathleen Meany

Patricia Minnis

Geraldine Mitchell

Judith Mullican

Michael & Patricia Murphy

Andrea Myers

Fred & Nancy Nation

Emma Jean Neal

Kathy Prothero-Wleklinski

Robert Puckett

Tom & Kathy Sauer

Christine Schellenberg

Dorothy M. Scott

Cecelia Seprodi

Sally Sudbrink

Carol Templeton

Eileen & John Whalen

Curtis Winkle

Robert Wise


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