How soon?

The Travel Authorization form states that your travel reimbursement must be submitted within 30 days of your return. Any travel submitted after 60 days of your return will become taxable income and must be processed on a One Time Only. The sooner you submit your Travel Reimbursement Request, the sooner you will receive a reimbursement. Since many of your expenses might have been charged to a personal credit card you will want to receive your travel reimbursement before it is necessary to pay your credit card bill. Please remember that the Travel Reimbursement Request, and subsequently, your reimbursement check spend approximately 5 days in route to and from the Travel Department.

If you owe us money:

If you have received a Cash Advance for a field trip or foreign travel and the total amount of the advance exceed the total expenses, a check made payable to Indiana State University or cash must be submitted with an Intramural Voucher to the Office of the Controller. Please do not send cash through campus mail. Hand carry cash or checks to the Travel Department (Teresa Sale at ext: 3541 or Janice Karn at ext: 3542) in the Office of the Controller. Do not deposit the money yourself. The Travel Account Specialist will deposit the money and send a receipt to the traveler’s department.

Finally, reimbursement:

If the Travel Reimbursement Request form is complete and accurate, reimbursement (if applicable) will be made in approximately 5 working days from the time it reaches the Travel Department in the Office of the Controller. If the Travel Reimbursement Request form is incomplete or inaccurate, processing will be delayed until the necessary information and/or documentation has been obtained. You should physically receive any reimbursement of expense due within 5 working days from the date your request is received on the Travel Account Specialist’s desk in the Office of the Controller.