Foreign travel is defined as travel to, between, or within countries 'outside' the United States and its territories and possessions, including Canada and Mexico. All foreign travel will be reimbursed using Federal Foreign Travel Reimbursement Rates (OCONUS). For travel outside the U.S. travelers should check the entry requirements for the specific country to which they are traveling. This information is available on the U.S. Department of State web site at

The foreign travel process is almost identical to the process for domestic travel. The same travel forms (i.e. Travel Authorization Form) are used for foreign travel as are for domestic travel. Some additional miscellaneous expenses that are reimbursed by ISU for foreign travel are passports, immunizations, and currency exchange charges.

Grantees of federal funds must abide by the guidelines of the Fly America Act that is instructed in FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) 47.402 requiring “… the use of United States Flag carriers for U.S. Government – financed international air travel and transportation of their personal effects or property, to the extent service by these carriers is available.” To decide if availability or non-availability exists the U.S. flag carrier cannot provide the international air transportation needed or if the use of U.S. flag air carrier service would not accomplish an agency’s mission, foreign flag air carrier may be deemed necessary.

Most federally funded grants require all persons traveling under federal grants must travel by United States-flag carriers.

Travel Cash Advances are allowed for foreign travel. Any money the University gives you in advance, or after your trip will be paid in U.S. currency. You are responsible for exchanging those dollars for the currency of the foreign country you visit. Keep track of the exchange rates you receive as you travel, (e.g., from Thomas Cook, a bank, hotel receipts, your notes on meal receipts, or even your AMEX bill). Complete your Travel Reimbursement Request (TRR) when you return and document the source for the exchange rates. The Oanda 164 Currency Converter is a terrific resource, which converts currencies from today back to 1/1/90. Another source of rates is the "World Value of the Dollar" in each Monday edition of the Wall Street Journal.

In order to list expenses for each day of travel along with the conversion information, country and date, you may use the worksheet,  Foreign Expense Worksheet  and attach along with the receipts and conversion documents with your Travel Reimbursement Request.