The ISU Travel Guide is published to help faculty and staff plan, account for and be reimbursed for travel conducted on official University business.

Official University travel is defined as travel by University personnel, non-University personnel, and University students when the authorizing individuals consider such travel to be in the professional and/or business interest of both the traveler and the University.

Authorization for travel and reimbursement of expenses must be in accordance with the provisions in this guideline and the rates listed. Any exceptions to this guideline must be approved by the responsible Vice President and by Business Affairs.

How Can We Help You?

ISU Travel Department assists University departments by relaying information, explaining and interpreting travel policies and procedures, processing Travel Authorizations, Travel Reimbursement Requests and keeping accurate travel records.

We will make our best effort to ensure that you will receive reimbursement for travel expenses owed you within five working days from the time your Travel Reimbursement Request reaches the Office of the Controller. This pledge, however, depends on you submitting a complete and accurate Travel Reimbursement Request.

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ISU Travel Department:

Teresa Sale, Travel Account Specialist, x3541 or

Janice Karn, Assistant Travel Account Specialist, x3542 or



The University will reimburse all faculty and staff for expenses incurred when traveling on official University business. Such expenses may include transportation, lodging, subsistence, and registration fees. Travelers are expected to observe the University’s policies and procedures in the type and amount of expenses incurred.

In particular:

ISU will only pay for travel that is properly authorized. University funds cannot be used for any travel that is not the ultimate responsibility of the University.

Getting started

All University travel requires approval. You cannot approve your own travel. Before you make specific travel plans, find out from your department the approval(s) you need.

All University travel must be approved in advance from their appropriate authorizing official-Dept. Chair/Admin Head, Dean, Vice President, or President. A Travel Authorization form must be filled out for any travel to or from the University. All travel must be pre-approved on this form whether or not reimbursement for travel expenses will be requested. In most cases, prior authorization is required at least 3 weeks in advance of travel. This includes individuals visiting ISU (candidates, honoraria, consultants, etc). Only one traveler per Travel Authorization form is allowed.

Listed below are specific steps required for Travel Authorization:

Responsibility: Action:

Before Trip


1. Complete the Travel Authorization with traveling details and estimates. Sign documents, certifying travel is directly related to University business.

Traveler’s Department

2. Make sure funds are available within your travel budget to cover estimates. Retain copy of filled out Travel Authorization form. Forward the form to authorizing official for approval.

Authorizing Officials

3. Sign the Travel Authorization form asserting that they are aware of the employee travel and that the associated costs appear reasonable. Highest level of authorization forwards to the Travel Account Specialist in the Office of the Controller once all signatures are acquired. The Vice President’s signature is needed on all travel that equals $2,000 or more and on dean’s or department head’s travel. No one can sign to authorize own travel except for the President of the University. Vice President travel requires President’s signature.

Travel Acct Specialist

4. Process the Travel Authorization, checking for appropriate estimates and authorizing signatures. Make sure adequate funds are available to cover the estimated expenditures and that travel is appropriate expenditure of University funds. Assign proper account codes to travel estimates and indicate that the travel has been authorized and can be encumbered. Return all Travel Authorizations to departments that are not correctly filled out, incomplete or do not have appropriate authorization.

Controller’s Office

5. Inputs Travel Authorization into Banner system and encumbers funds. Stamps date of encumbrance on form. Returns the Travel Authorization to the Travel Account Specialist.

Department or Traveler

6. Checks Banner on line screens to get Travel Authorization number and proceeds with making travel arrangements once funds are encumbered. The Travel Authorization (TA) number must be included on all travel documents processed that are associated with the original Travel Authorization form. (ex. Check Requests, Travel Reimbursement Requests) All travel documents will be returned to originating departments that do not have the TA number referenced. The TA number must be given to the preferred travel provider when booking airfare. The preferred travel provider will not book a flight without the TA number.

During Trip


7. Get and keep original receipts for EVERYTHING including hotel/motel, taxi, parking, registration, etc. A credit card receipt is not an acceptable receipt or invoice. Save all travel related items including brochures, badges, itineraries, etc., until reimbursement has been processed and traveler receives reimbursement. If the traveler shares a room or takes a guest that is not an employee or student of ISU, the traveler must have proof of single occupancy room rate. This should be referenced on the hotel bill or the Travel Account Specialist will require a fax from the hotel stating the single room rate. ISU will only reimburse the single room rate.

Within 30 Days After Trip


8. Complete or have completed a Travel Reimbursement Request form if requesting reimbursement with attached original receipts.

Authorizing Officials

9. Sign the Travel Reimbursement Request form indicating approval of actual costs and forward to next level of authorization. Approved form is forwarded to the Travel Account Specialist in the Office of the Controller once all signatures are acquired. Vice President or designee signature on all dean/department head travel and also travel that equals $2,000 or more. No one can sign to authorize own travel except for the President of the University. Vice President travel requires president signature.

Travel Acct Specialist

10. Process Travel Reimbursement Request, auditing actual cost and authorizing signatures. Assign proper account codes to travel expenditures based on the original Travel Authorization encumbrance. Return all Travel Reimbursement Requests to departments that are not correctly filled out, authorized, or do not have original receipts attached.

Controller’s Office

11. Inputs Travel Reimbursement Request into Banner system to produce payment.