Instructions For Completing the Travel Reimbursement Request… (including Travel Regulations and Procedures)

Travel Authorization No. - Type the Travel Authorization (TA) number which can be found on-line on Banner (is same as encumbrance number). Must have TA number in order to be processed.

Name of Claimant - Type the traveler’s full legal name as it appeared on the Travel Authorization Form. All travelers must submit a Travel Reimbursement Request voucher for his or her own expense.

University ID# - Type the traveler’s University I.D. Number. This must be completed in order to receive payment.

Street Address, City, State, and Zip - Type the traveler’s full HOME address.

Department Name – Type the name of the traveler’s department. If the check is to be campus mailed it will be mailed to this department.

Supervisor or Chair - Type the name of the traveler’s supervisor or department chair.

Voucher Typed by – Type the name of the person who is filling out the Travel Reimbursement Request.

State Purpose of the trip - Please be specific! Should use same description as used on Travel Authorization Form.

Phone ext – Provide the extension number of the person filling out the Travel Reimbursement request.

Choose One: Campus Mail or U.S. Mail - Choose where you would like the reimbursement check to be mailed by typing an X on the line. U.S. mail will go to the traveler’s HOME. Campus mail will be mailed internally to the department of the traveler. If neither one is checked the reimbursement will be automatically U.S. mailed.

Claimant - Traveler’s signature and date signed.

Dept Chair or Administrative Head - Department supervisor or chair’s signature or designee and date signed.

Dean - Dean’s or designee’s signature and date signed.

Vice President – The signature of the Vice President’s or designee’s signature and date signed on all dean/department head travel, and direct reports travel, and travel that if the Travel Authorization was originally encumbered for less than $2,000 but the actual reimbursement is $2,000 or more.

Date: Mo/Dy/Yr - List each day of travel separately by month, day and year.

Traveling From - The starting point of travel is your "official station". It is always ISU (Terre Haute) unless special permission is given to change it. You may claim mileage from any other starting point only if the distance is shorter than if you started from ISU (Terre Haute).

Traveling To - Destination of travel. If the traveler is flying out of Indianapolis you only need to list the final destination (city and state).

Departure time - Departure time at the beginning of the trip.

Return – Time of return to your “official station”.

CONUS Rate – Enter full M & IE rate.


The proof needed is a hotel bill.

Enter Full or Partial – Enter F for full day subsistence and P for partial day.

Per Diem Amount – The per diem is automatically calculated.

Lodging Expense - Lodging: must be listed by night including corresponding tax. Nothing else is listed in this column. ISU will only reimburse at the single occupancy room rate. If this rate is not referenced on the hotel bill, then the travel account specialist will require the traveler to obtain a fax or letter from the hotel stating their single occupancy room rate.

Sharing a room:

With an ISU employee or student

  1. The total room charge may be claimed by only one traveler if noted on all Travel Reimbursement Request forms involved.

  2. If each person is claiming their prorated share of the total room charge, the travelers will need to request a hotel bill to be issued in both of their names. The Travel Reimbursement Request forms must reflect the room was shared and with whom.

With non-employees/non-students

Number of Miles – Enter number of miles traveled by personal car only. Personal car mileage is reimbursed based on the round trip mileage. Only one round trip mileage to and from the Indianapolis airport is allowed for reimbursement, the exception being if picking up a candidate or an honoraria person. Click here for Round Trip Mileage Listing. A 10% variance beyond these figures will be allowed. ADDITIONAL MILEAGE BEYOND ROUND TRIP MUST BE LISTED SEPARATELY WITH EXPLANATION.

All travel required to follow state regulations (state grants) will be reimbursed at the approved state mileage rates.

Amount – This field will automatically calculate mileage reimbursement based on number of miles driven column.

Miscellaneous Expenses – List description of miscellaneous travel expenses such as ground transportation, parking, phone etc, in this column.

Other items to list in the last column:

Please note: Any miscellaneous expenses that are not related, such as the traveler bought supplies (field trip) or a book (work related) needs to be reimbursed on a check voucher.  Registration Fees must be submitted on a check request.

Amount – Put corresponding dollar amount to description listed in prior column.

Per Diem Reduction for Meals Provided – Enter number for each type of meal provided in the registration. Enter the applicable CONUS per diem rate. The deduction will automatically calculate. If more than one CONUS rate is used this deduction will have to be manually calculated and deducted in the Miscellaneous Expense Column.

The subsistence allowance shall be reduced for each meal furnished gratis to the traveler or included in a registration fee as follows:

Activity Code (if applicable) – Provide Activity Code if department is tracking travel expenditures by a specific activity.

Traveling Department’s Accounting Distribution - Type the traveling department’s Index and the amount they are claiming on the appropriate expenditure description line. The amount column should equal the Maximum Payable amount. The Seq No. and Account Code fields will be filled in by the Travel Account Specialist in the Office of the Controller based on the original travel encumbrance.

Maximum Payable not to exceed - Total of Amount Column. System will calculate total if filling out form on-line. This amount is what the check will be made payable for. This amount must equal the Grand Total amount if no maximum payable amount is set.

Approval - To be signed and dated by the Travel Account Specialist in the Office of the Controller.

Document No. - To be stamped by the Office of the Controller.

If you have questions concerning travel regulations or procedures, please call the Travel Account Specialist at x3541 or the Assistant Travel Account Specialist at x3542 for information.

Send the Travel Reimbursement Request along with original receipts to the Travel Account Specialist in the Office of the Controller after all authorizing signatures has been obtained.