To request a no-cost extension from an external agency, that requires agency approval for extensions, the PI should write a letter to the Program Officer stating the reasons why an extension is necessary.

The letter should clearly indicate the sponsor’s award number and the requested expiration date. All correspondence should be forwarded to Office of Contracts and Grants. In some cases the agency may require approval from the Office Contracts and Grants prior to submission.

The agency must be informed about the extension well before the expiration date in order to allow the sponsor time to process the request and inform Indiana State University of the approval before the project period ends.

Generally, Agencies will not approve a no-cost extension when the only reason justifying the request is to expend the remaining funds. Extension requests should be for programmatic reasons only. When reporting remaining budget information as a part of the request, please work with the Office of Contracts and Grants to ensure Banner records match the documents.

National Science Foundation (NSF) award requires that notification of extensions be submitted via Fastlane. The PI should initiate the notification procedure through Fastlane, and then push the Submit to SRO button to alert Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) that a notification is waiting to be processed. Once the request has been approved, OGC will forward the notification to NSF via Fastlane.

National Institute of Health award requires that notification of extension be submitted via eRA Commons. Office of Contracts and Grants Signing Officials may submit a Project Extension automatically to the NIH. Extensions may be performed no earlier than 90 days prior to the end date of the project and no later than the end date. The change will take affect immediately upon submission.