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Spring Event Planning

Updated 2/23/2021


Indiana State University

COVID-19 Related Guidance for Large Events and Gatherings


The following mitigation activities are required for all events held on the Indiana State University campus starting on July 6 and continuing through the Spring 2021 semester.  ISU-sponsored events held off-campus also are subject to the following guidance.

The moratorium in place for in-person, non-academic student-organization events will expire on March 8, 2021.  This moratorium included special events and in-person intramural and club high contact sports.  Decisions regarding the reinstatement of this moratorium will be based on the prevalence of COVID-19 on campus and in the community and current public health guidance.

When in-person events resume, the following guidelines must be followed by event organizers.

Event and Venue Capacity

  • Events and gatherings hosted by student organizations either on or off campus may not exceed 25 people. Exceptions may be granted for University-sponsored events that meet Indiana State University and Division of Student Affairs event guidelines. This capacity limit is in place until further notice. Questions about student organization events should be directed to the Office of Campus Life. 
  • Events and gatherings hosted by ISU departments and offices or external users cannot exceed 50. Exceptions must be approved by the appropriate Cabinet member.
  • Events and gatherings that serve high-risk populations may not exceed 10 people. 
  • In addition to capacity guidelines listed above, no event can exceed 25% of venue capacity.
  • Co-curricular classroom use is limited to closed membership meetings, study sessions or invitation-only events. Events that are advertised and open to the public and/or campus community may not be scheduled in classrooms during the spring semester.


  • Provide guest education for all events.  Information about event protocols and health and hygiene concerns for events must be communicated through social media, web page posts, E-mail blasts, campus announcements and/or other appropriate channels prior to the event. 
  • Keep an attendance record for all events for a period of four weeks following the event.  This information must be shared with University Contact Tracers, if requested.  Event participants should be notified that their attendance may be shared with a contact tracer.

Health Checks/Screening and Sycamore Symptom Assessment

  • Require attendees at events to complete the Sycamore Symptom Assessment and display their green check prior to entering an event.  If this requirement is not feasible, develop and implement other procedures to check for signs and symptoms of guests upon arrival.  Event organizers may post signage listing symptom questions.  Participants that answer yes to any of the questions cannot participate in the event.  Attendees at all student events must display their daily green check.    
  • Require anyone who is sick to stay home.
  • Create and implement a plan to isolate an employee or guest that gets sick during your event.

Personal Responsibility of Staff and Guests

  • All ISU students and employees must complete the Sycamore Symptom Assessment each day that they come to campus.
  • Face coverings are required at all indoor and outdoor campus events.
  • Encourage personal protective measures among staff and guests (e.g., stay home when sick, handwashing, respiratory etiquette).
  • Encourage staff and guests to stay home when sick and notify Human Resources (faculty and staff) or the Dean of Students (students) of illness.

Social Distancing Measures

  • Alter start time of events and programs when multiple events are scheduled in the same building.
  • Schedule guest arrival times for larger events.
  • Reduce the frequency of large gatherings.
  • Consider remote events, when feasible.
  • Require guests to pick up programs or other handouts.  Prohibit staff from passing out materials.
  • If guests must stand in line, practice social distancing between individuals or small connected groups.
  • Handbills and giveaway items are discouraged.  If giveaway items are provided these items should be distributed by event staff or volunteers who are wearing gloves.  Guests should not directly handle giveaway items. Tables at outdoor events must be six-feet apart. 
  • Activities that require equipment sharing, including board games and card playing, are prohibited.
  • Increased spacing between individuals is required. Increased spacing between small, connected groups also is allowed for tabled events.


  • Clean and disinfect event spaces between each event.
  • Clean restroom multiple times throughout the day


  • Train all employees and volunteers on health and safety protocols.

Restrictions on Types of Events

  • No in-person conferences, workshops or similar events that draw significant participation from beyond the Wabash Valley. Organizers of these events should consider converting to an on-line format.  
  • Recruitment events are allowed with the mitigation requirements outlined in this document.
  • No fairs unless social distancing is practiced through the entirety of the event.  Participants and exhibitors must wear face coverings.
  • No receptions or networking events unless social distancing is practiced throughout the entirety of the event. Face coverings are required at all times.  Food service at receptions is limited to individually packaged food and beverage items or food plated and served and/or beverages poured and served by Sodexo employees.  Alcohol service is limited to served wine and beer at the table.  Guests at receptions must be seated while eating and drinking. 
  • Events sponsored by external organizations/individuals may be allowed on a limited basis. Events sponsored by external organizations or University events with mostly external guests are limited to Sycamore Banquet Center, Heritage Ballroom and Lounge, Tilson Auditorium and Hulman Center.  No community or external events allowed in classroom buildings or the Hulman Memorial Student Union (except Sycamore Banquet Center).  Externally sponsored events are subject to the same guidelines as University events.
  • Political campaign events will be managed the same as other external events.

Off-Campus Events

  • Off-campus events organized and sponsored by Indiana State University are subject to the mitigations activities outlined in this document. 

Additional Guidance for Outdoor Events

  • Outdoor events are subject to the same capacity restrictions, screening requirements, face covering and social distancing requirements and other guidelines as indoor events through March 22, 2021.   Additional guidance for outdoor events will be provided by March 15, 2021.
  • As prior to COVID-19, outdoor venues may only be scheduled by University organizations and departments. 
  • Outdoor events are limited to the following schedulable spaces: Dede Plaza, the Quad, Wolf Field, Recreation East, Kennedy Field, the field north of University Hall, the field west of the HHS building and Residence Hall “courtyards” (i.e., Reeve or between Cromwell and Rhodes).
  • All outdoor events require approval of the Special Events Committee.  The Special Events Request form is available on the Conference and Event Services website,  The application requires an explanation of how event organizers will encourage social distancing and remain compliant with ISU’s COVID-19 Event Protocols.
  • Banners and/or posters, event flyers and event invitations that remind participants of social distancing practices are encouraged.
  • Tabling in Dede Plaza is allowed and can be scheduled through Conference and Event Services.
  • Food service at outdoor events is limited to individually packaged food and beverage items or food plated and served and/or beverages poured and served by Sodexo employees.  No open access reach-in coolers.
  • Inflatables, climbing walls, carnival games, corn hole, card playing and other activities that require equipment sharing are prohibited.
  • Pop-up tents no larger than 12’ X 12’ can be used if all sides are open.  Events in tents larger than 12’ X 12’ and enclosed tents of any size are subject to the same guidelines as indoor events.

Directives for Student Organization Activities

  • No in-person student organization activities (meetings, activities, service, etc.), are allowed until March 8, 2021 to reduce the spread of COVID-19 upon the return of students in the spring 2021 semester.
  • Some departmental sponsored that adhere to the conditions of this directive and under the supervision of an employee may occur.
  • Group fitness classes, non-contact intramural and club sport activities may occur under the supervision of a Campus Recreation employee.
  • Registered Student Organizations may reserve information tables for the purposes of distributing information, recruitment, etc. This activity must be registered with the appropriate facility and adhere to policies regarding the number of people per station. 

The following provisions w will be in place when the moratorium is lifted on March 8, 2021.

  • Registered Student Organizations must create an Event on the Treehouse for all sponsored in-person activities regardless of the anticipated attendance size. This applies to on-campus and off-campus activities.
  • At least one of the student organization's advisor(s) of record (as approved by Campus Life or Fraternity & Sorority Life) must be in attendance for the entirety of the student organization's in-person event to ensure face coverings are properly being worn, social distancing is occurring, and event attendance is being taken in case of contact tracing. This advisor is included in the total event attendance. Advisor participation is not required for on-line events.
  • 3. Attendance must be taken and preserved for all in-person student organization events. This attendance list must be preserved by the organization’s advisor of record and must be shared with ISU contact tracers if requested.
  • 4. Exceptions to these student organization guidelines must be approved in advance by Office of Campus Life, Campus Recreation, or Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.
  • Current guidelines on face coverings and social distancing will continue for all in-person events.
  • If these guidelines cannot be met, the student organization's event must be virtual. When an event is held virtually, it is highly encouraged that participants utilize individual monitors/devices/screens, avoid sharing monitors/devices/screens, and maintain social distancing when more than one person is in a shared space.
  • Any student or student organization in violation of these guidelines will be referred to Student Conduct and Integrity.


This University guidance is subject to change as more guidance becomes available from public health and government officials. Please check back periodically for updates prior to your event.

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