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Students and Families

Our Back on Track plans are in place for the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors to Indiana State. We care deeply about the Sycamore community and have thus put measures in place honoring our values as an institution and leading by example in our community. Additionally, every individual is expected to take responsibility for their own health and safety and act in a manner that demonstrates respect and consideration for others around them. 

Any student that has been instructed to self-isolate/quarantine,  has had close exposure to, or has tested positive for Covid-19 must complete the contract tracing form.  A member of the Office of the Dean of Students or the ISU Contact Tracing Team will be in touch with the student to discuss resources and options. 

For further details, read our guide for students and families, our full FAQ’s, the student employment guidelines, as well as the additions to the Code of Student Conduct.

Face Coverings - #MaskUpSycamores

Following new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ISU has lifted the mask mandate for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

  • If you are FULLY VACCINATED, masks are optional for you anywhere on campus.
  • If you are NOT FULLY VACCINATED, you must continue wearing a face covering indoors. You may unmask on campus only in a private office or private residence hall room.

ISU strongly encourages everyone to get vaccinated. Thanks for keeping us Sycamore strong!

Daily practices and class preparation

  • All students are required to complete the daily health assessment survey. A green checkmark is required to engage in all campus activities; if a red "X" is received, students are asked to complete the Contact Tracing form they will receive automatically by and remain in their room or off campus until contacted. 
  • Students should do a self-assessment by taking your temperature and assuring you do not have any other signs or symptoms associated with COVID.
  • Students are recommended to bring an additional cloth face mask, hand sanitizer, and sanitation wipes to class to wipe down their desk and chair before and after class. 
  • Students are requested to practice good hygiene and hand washing etiquette.

Communication protocols

  • Students must complete daily health assessment survey and receive green checkmark in order to attend class and participate in other university activities.
  • Students will be required to provide their cell phone numbers to the institution for safety measures and ease of contact. 
  • If a student believes they have COVID signs and symptoms they should contact the Student Health Clinic and notify the Office of the Dean of Students at
  • Students are asked to communicate with their professors if they are feeling ill. If students become ill for an extended period of time and are not able to attend class or complete coursework, they are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students Office by email or calling 812-237-3829.

Guidelines for on-campus student illness

  • If a student believes they have COVID signs and symptoms, they should contact the Student Health Clinic and email to notify the Dean of Students Office. to notify the Dean of Students Office. 
  • Students living on campus who have tested positive for COVID or are exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID should contact the Office of Residential Life who will work with them to move them to isolation/quarantine spaces. 
  • Students have the option to return home for the duration of their quarantine or isolation period.  Students living on campus wishing to return home must contact the Office of Residential Life at 812-237-3993 prior to leaving. Per CDC guidance, students with a positive test at least 3 days must have passed since recovery or at least 10 days since symptoms first appear.  A Clinic nurse will follow up with a phone call to students and assist in safe return to class, if students have been tested and confirmed on campus.
  • Students are recommended to have a bag packed that the Residential Life staff can easily grab for them should the student need to move to isolation.

Guidelines for off-campus student illness

  • If a student believes they have COVID signs and symptoms they should contact the Student Health Clinic and email to notify the Dean of Students Office. 
  • Students are asked to stay home for the duration of their illness. 

Academic calendar and course work

Our primary goal in preparing classes for the fall is to enhance safety for students, faculty and staff. We’re evaluating risk based on the number of students, room size and nature of the course. Our focus will continue to be on high-quality instruction with flexibility and adaptability in academic delivery as the semester and CDC recommendations evolve.

  • On days that are not face-to-face meetings, students will either join the course remotely or work on assignments.
  • Students are encouraged to keep an open line of communication with their professors. Be sure to have regular, meaningful contact with your faculty member at least once per week throughout the semester.
  • Before the semester begins, a small number of classes may move to fully online at the request of at-risk faculty. In those cases, students will be alerted via their ISU email. If you have a concern regarding the new online format, please contact your academic advisor or college dean’s office. In the event that classes change face-to-face course delivery to completely distance course delivery, students will not be charged a distance fee or have additional cost associated.
  • Please monitor your campus email regularly for updates regarding changes in schedules, course delivery, and/or other changes.
  • We encourage students to be flexible in this time as schedules, locations, and courses are adjusted.
  • If any changes to your academic schedule need to be adjusted, please work with your academic advisor or college dean’s office.


  • Students should stay home and contact their professor prior to class.
  • Students are not at risk for grade reduction or class failure when they are unable to attend class due to illness documented by Student Affairs.
  • If students become ill for an extended period of time and are not able to attend class or complete coursework, they are encouraged to contact the office of Dean of students by email at

Academic Calendar

The fall 2020 academic calendar remains unchanged. Study week and finals week (after Thanksgiving) will be completed virtually. This will allow students to complete the semester virtually without returning to campus after the holiday. The spring 2021 academic calendar has been adjusted, classes are to begin Tuesday, January 19.  Spring Break will not occur and Commencement will be Saturday, May 8 as previously scheduled.  Click here to review the academic calendar.

Campus spaces and offices

  • The layout and design of campus buildings, academic spaces, and living facilities are being assessed one by one to ensure proper health and safety updates are made, appropriate signage is posted, and public-use areas are addressed.
  • For good physical distancing practices, many offices will be prioritizing virtual appointments. Please contact the respective office prior to visiting. (Office information can be found in the online directory from the university homepage).

Whom to contact

Office of the Dean of Students: 812-237-3829 | Email

Office of Residential Life: 812-237-3993

Disability Services: 812-237-2700

Student Health Center: 812-237-3883

College of Arts and Sciences

Student Academic Services Office
Phone: 812-237-2411

College of Technology
Technology Student Services Suite
Phone: 812-237-2987

Scott College of Business
Student Services Office
Phone: 812-237-2023

Bayh College of Education
Education Student Services Office
Phone: 812-237-3131

College of Health & Human Services
Student & Community Relations
Phone: 812-237-3118 

University College
Advising Center
Phone: 812-237-3940

Honors College
Phone: 812-237-3225


For prospective student inquiries:

For other student inquiries:
812-237-3829 | Email

For campus visitors:

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