Spring 22 Program

Exposium is open from 10am to 4pm, Monday (April 11), Tuesday (April 12) and Thursday (April 14th) in the events are of the Cunnigham Memorial Libary.  On April 13th, Exposium focuses on the performing arts beginning at noon running until 2pm in the Recital Hall in the Landini Center for the Performing Arts.

Titles of posters and hour when author(s) wil be present.  Posters will hang from 10am to 4pm.

Monday April 11;   

10-11am Should Instructors Adopt Digital Textbooks in Higher Education?     Jhansi Chagalakonda  
  “Analysis of Mercury in Skeletal Remains of Vigo County Poor Asylum Residents.”  Emma Roberts    
  Bioavailable Lead from Two West Central Indiana Counties” Drake, Katya Boillard, Brandie Mudica, Kathryn , Latimer, Jenifer (advisor)
11-noon How Neoclassical Economic Theory Fails to Explain the Modern Industrial Food System William Drappo    
  Access to the General Education Curriculum for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities.  Robin Thoma    
2-3pm "The Proletariat in the Vending Machine: Marxism in Scud, The Disposable Assassin"   Samuel Grant    
  Tool Use: Do the Great Apes Possess the Capability? Arica Pate    
  Maple Hill Cemetery  Ashleigh Kehoe    
  The Vigo County Historical Museum’s Red Light District Exhibit in Website Based Virtual Reality  Angela LoCoco    
  Digitization and Publication in Irish Celtic Archaeology?  Seaonna Michaels    
  “The Adaptations of Native Traditions: The Effects of Christianity on Indigenous American Practices.” Iraina Clark     


Tuesday April 12;   

10-11am Exploration of KIF14 within Triple-Negative Breast Cancer  Keeley Cleghorn Scott G. Canfield Catherine E. Steding (Advisor)
  A Novel Ion Torrent Metabarcoding Workflow Increases Experimental Efficacy and Efficiency’ Nick Gabry Jeff Kinne (advisor) Rusty Gonser (advisor)    
  Metal Sculpture Studies of Repetition: The Interplay between Light, Shade and Contrast Regan M. Zerwig          
11-noon The Correlation Between Terrace Area and Elevation at Monte Alban Alexis Grider          
noon-1pm Analysis of Nicotine and Metabolites in Drosophila melanogaster Raised on Nicotine-Containing Media Brianna Nirtaut Callie Gernand Tyler Douglas Rebecca Tarvina Richard Fithc (advisor)
  Twin roles of the zinc-finger transcription factor Castor: specification of cardiac cell subtypes and regulation of cardiac progenitor cell division. Abbigaye J Gamble Rajnandani Katariya M. Rezaul Hasan Amy A Kaur Alishba Rizwan Manoj Panta
  “Analysis of Dioicine Content in the Leaves of the Kentucky Coffeetree (Gymnocladus dioicus) Across the Growing Season”  Callie, Gernand, Brianna Nirtaut, and Dr. Richard Fitch (advisor)
1-2pm The New Trends and Careers in Criminal Justice:  An Exploratory Research on Cybersecurity Suraj Sudhakar Arif Akgul (Advisor) Avdi Avdija Robert Girod    
  Gravid Crayfish and Mercury Levels in Local Indiana Creeks Gravid Crayfish and Mercury Levels in Local Indiana Creeks  
3-4pm "A prioritized screen to identify downstream targets of the Forkhead/Fox transcription factor Jumeau that mediate cardiac progenitor cell divisions Evelyn McGruire Dr Andrew Krump (advisor) Dr. Shaad Ahmad (advisor)    

Wednesday April 13;  

Peforming Arts in the Landini Center for Performing Arts, 1:15 to 2:30

1:15:    London Theatre presentation

2-2:30:  Music performances.


Thursday April 13; 

10-11am Using archaeological methods to detect past tornadic activity Robert Williams        
11-noon “Measure of Moral Distress for Athletic Trainers: A Mixed-Methods Validation Study”. Matthew Drescher        
noon-1pm 'Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Pain in Occupational Therapy Students and an Analysis of Associated Risk Factors'  Payton Anderson Leah Bunting Shelshide Meurer Ian Henne Alexa Badon Priya Bakshi (Advisor)
  Factors Predicting Success of Occupational Therapy Students Molly Pile Alision Schien Shawn Castle Connor Barth Brandi Andreae (Advisor)
  Using an Occupational Therapy Sensory Motor Approach to Process Trauma: A Pilot Study of Collaboration with Behavioral Health in an Elementary School Setting.  Autum Loughead Bailie Brownstead Josephine Compeau Kelsey Phillips Madeline Robison
  More than Return-to-Play: Occupational Therapy Intervention Improves Quality of Life for Collegiate Athletes with Concussion.  Sara Buresh Jordann Handy Ella Hunsucker Hannah Johanningsmeier Lakshmi Madathil Paula Jarrard (Advisor)
  Practice Trends of Orthosis Fitting and Fabrication in Hand Therapy  Lauren Paisley Zoee Lagerhausen Daisy Castillo Heidi Mitchener Amanda Quinlivan Dr. Priya Bakshi (Advisor)
  “Child Caregiver Coping and Stress During COVID-19 Pandemic”             
  “ The Integration of Science and Art through 3-Dimensional Forensic Facial Reconstructions”. Hannah Ketchum        
1-2pm "To Forge an Identity: Social Constructions in Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace" Alisha VanArsdale         
  An Interpretation of How the Publics View of Medical Experimentation Changed During the 20th Century  Kieya Vann        
3-4pm : Assessing the Potential of Scanning Electon Microscopy for Archeobiology in an Analysis of Dental Calculus. Cory Worthman        

Exposium finale!   :

Join us at the Treehouse, second floor (7th and Elm) for readings by ISU creative writers.  Its an open mic, so if you are a creative writer, come on out.  We begin at 8pm.  





The Exposium is a program that celebrates the outstanding academic work of Indiana State University undergraduate and graduate students. Research and/or creative projects may be based on a class project, major paper, collaborative research with a faculty member, community engagement activities, or any efforts that highlights the research and creativity associated with the ISU student experience.

Registered Students need to set up their project on the day of their presentation. Set up is between 8:30 - 10:00AM. Students are required to be present for one hour, but are encouraged to remain longer. Each presentation will be displayed all day.

Undergraduate students that accepted support from the CSRC and graduate students who received funds from the Graduate Student Fund are required to participate in Exposium.


Registering for Spring Exposium 2022

  1. Pick your day and hour  (see schedule below) 

    1. Poster presenters will get the entire hour as visitors will come and go for poster presentations.
  2.  Send an email to  Thomas.Steiger@indstate.edu  with a subject line of:  EXPOSIUM REGISTRATION
    1. Indicate the date (April 11, 12, 14) and the hour you are registering for. Note:  if demand is great we will add a session on the 15th, I will be in touch if that is the case
    2. Provide the title and all authors/presenters of the presentation/poster.
    3. Please indicate whether you will need to get your poster printed.

NOTES:  If there are multiple presenters and all presenters cannot make the same time, you may register for a second time slot as well, just indicate that in your registration.  Only one person needs to register for everyone who is part of poster presentation.



Monday April 11

Tuesday April 12

Thursday April 14














Prepare a Professional Poster Presentation for the Exposium.

The dimensions for a poster presentation are ordinarily 36 x 48 inches. In most cases, students will work with their faculty sponsor and/or department to prepare and print the final poster presentation. If a student is unable to print posters within their department, please contact me, Thomas.Steiger@indstate.edu for assistance.  If using powerpoint to prepare your poster, use dimensions 36 x 48.  If you require CSRC assistance for printing, you must submit your poster for printing at least 3 (three) days before your presentation date to ensure it is ready.  

See an example of a Sample Poster

For more information contact Dr. Thomas Steiger, Ext 3426

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