The Exposium is a program that celebrates the outstanding academic work of Indiana State University undergraduate and graduate students. Research and/or creative projects may be based on a class project, major paper, collaborative research with a faculty member, community engagement activities, or any efforts that highlights the research and creativity associated with the ISU student experience.

Registered Students need to set up their project on the day of their presentation. Set up is between 8:00 - 9:45. Students are required to be present for one hour, but are encouraged to remain longer. Each presentation will be set up all day.

Students that accepted support from the CSRC are Required to participate in Exposium.

Exposium Schedule:

MONDAY April 9, 2018

10:00 – 2:00 Library Events Area

10:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

Tuomas Lieskivi

     Virtual Representations of American Politics – Close Reading of the Time Magazine in the Context of the Presidential Campaign of 2016

Ashley Clodfelder

     Role of Hypothetical Protein SAUSA300_1759 from a Common Community-Associated Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus strain, USA300

Yuanfan Zheng

     Modeling the Effect of Global Warming on Building Energy Demand in the City of Los Angeles using a High Spatial Resolution GIS-Based Approach

Kathryn Mudica

     Hook, Line and SInking Metals

Hung Ha Quang

     Flood Monitoring in the Mid-West using Sentinel-1 data. A Case Study of Flood Event on Februrary 25, 2018 in Ohio River Covering Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Adrienne McCarthy 

     Predictors of Intentions to Make Healthier Eating Choices among Midwestern Truck Drivers – An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior

11:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work: 

Manoj Panta 

     The Role of Forkhead Domain Transcription Factors and their Downstream Targets in Mediating Proper Positioning of Cardiac Cells

Tyler Jenkins

     Oleocanthal's Interaction with Amino Acids

Emily Kerner

     Treatment for Mental Illnesses

Ali Bennett 

     Sports & Entertainment in Victorian London 

Rebecca Rudisell

     Role of Induction and Hyperconjugation in Haloacetic Acids

12:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

Olivia Neese

     Propofol induces Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunction in a Human Stem Cell-Derived Model     

1:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

Victoria Ross-Frost; Olamiposi Famuditimi; Courtland Jones

     A Community Profile of Greene County Indiana

Rajesh Naidu

     The Human Condition (Figures in Space)

TUESDAY April 10, 2018

10:00 – 2:00 Library Events Area

10:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work: 

Trent Carpenter; Brogan Thomas 

     Copper-Catalyzed Nucleophilic Addition to Carbonyls using Organosilanes

Bethany Kile 

     Secrets within the varves: A Late Holocene Climate Reconstruction of Herd Lake

Kimberly S. Gleason; J. Ryan Sanders; Nicholas R. Andreasen; Jacqueline M. Smith; Kameron T. Bell 

     A Cation Exchange-Solid Phase Extraction Protocol for the Isolation and Analysis of Alkaloids in Poison Frogs 

Corey Maxedon

     Finance in the Victorian Era

10:30 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work: 

Keeley Cleghorn 

     Destabilizing the Stabilizer: Evaluating Microtubule Destabilizing Proteins and Cellular Energetics in Acquired Paclitaxel Chemoresistance

11:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work: 

Caroline Kinderthain; Amanda Mitchell; Jordan Mills; Darren Brewer

     The Effectiveness of the Student-led Organization, (C.H.I.L.L.): Colleagues. Helping. Implement. Lifelong. Learning. 

Stephan Harruff

     Copper-Catalyzed Silylations of C—C P-Bonds 

Bethany McCarty; Wendell Lewis Kirkman

     Disilylation of Aldehydes and Ketones using a Copper Catalyst

Jiss Mathew 

     A Comparative Study of the Community of Inquiry Presence between Hard-Pure and Soft-Pure Disciplines

Amanda Korsmo; Farnoosh Khan 

     Predictors of Parent and Teacher Ratings of Impairment among Children Referred for ADHD Assessment

12:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work: 

Nicholas Gallina

     Fibronectin Binding Protein A (FnBPA) in Community-Associated MRSA: a Mutant Derived Study in Biofilm Formation 

Caroline Meunier

     Bioavailabity of Lead in Indiana Soils

Megan Steckler; Alina Thomas; Brianna Schuster 

     Perspectives on the Continuation of Services for Adults with Aphasia Greater Than a Year Post-Onset          

12:30 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work: 

Christopher Madden 

     Presenting SMA Accomplishments

Jade Bennie; Cherrelle Milledge


1:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work: 

Zoe Delefortrie 

     Effect of Parasites on White-Throated Sparrow (Zonotrichia Albicollis) Song 

Jennifer Smith

     Determining Transcriptome Differences within a Polymorphic Species 

Sidney Eckert

     Rolling Polygons with Granular Material Down and Incline



12:00 – 3:00

Musical Performances throughout the day

THURSDAY April 12, 2018

9:00 – 2:00 Library Events Area

9:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

Leah Matulewicz; Megan Cotner; James Hermiz; Danica Sadural; Dallin Heaton

     Systematic Review of Occupation-Based Treatment for Lateral Epicondylosis

Abbey McDaniel; Bailey Boss; Katie Beckman; Brittany Catalano; Ashley Nussbaumer 

     Does Participation in a Self-Regulation Intervention Group Reduce Anxiety Symptoms in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder? 

Adrienne Cramer; Jordan Oresko; Jessica Morris; Jessica Baker; Rachel Lucas 

     Perception of Occupational Therapy Practitioners on the Benefits and Barriers of Hippotherapy 

Bailey Kochalko; Bethany Azbell; Meghan Ceneviva; Lindsey Eller

     Does Self-Concept Improve with Participation in an After-School Leisure Program in Early Elementary School Children with Low Socio-Economic Status? 

Molly Hawkins; Morgan Anderson; Kelsey VanderWall; Emma Raker; Jessica Powell 

     Can a Falls Prevention Exercise Program Decrease Fear in Falling in Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Low Vision?

Rachel  Cooke; Jayne Consolo; Rachel Anderson; Abigail Bush

     Does Fieldwork Placement Location and Order Affect an Occupational Therapy Student’s AOTA Fieldwork Performance Evaluation (FWPE) Score between Fieldwork Level IIA and      Level IIB? 

10:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work: 

Muleka Kabangu; Janiesha Menson; Dezha Moore; Ebony Tuggles; Emily New; Armoni Morales

     Think Before You Drink

11:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

Alexandra Davis

     Synthesis of Multicolor Fluorescent Ligands for Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors

11:30 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

Gloria Skinner 

     Indiana Bats Behavior and Temperature Affected by Artificial Roosts

Sanjaya Bhandari

     Dendroclimatic reconstruction in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan from Three Different Genera

12:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work: 

Hang Li 

     Temporal Consistency, Impervious Area, Landsat, Qinzhou

12:30 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work: 

Ashton Henderson; Brittany Chess; Jessica Jones; Emily Taylor; Emily Domina; Tatianna Stephney

     On the Edge of Change: Religious Identity and the Last year of College

1:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

Rachel Ley; Taylor Wright; Kaitlin Schwent; Sara Knies; Haley Smith

     International Perspectives of the Built Environment 

Levi Allen

     Disaster at the Ballot Box



Prepare a Professional Poster Presentation for the Exposium. The dimensions for a poster presentation are ordinarily 36 x 48 inches. In most cases, students will work with their faculty sponsor and/or department to prepare and print the final poster presentation. If a student is unable to print posters within their department, the w.indstate.edu/cirt/"> Multimedia Design and Research Programming Services (MDRPS) is able to print 36 x 48 “matte”-quality posters. The costs of these posters will be covered by CSRC. Posters printed at other dimensions or laminated must be paid for by the home academic department through an intramural voucher. All posters must be submitted to MDRPS by the faculty sponsor in final print format (usually as a single PPT slide with the dimensions 36 x 48) to MDRPS no later than noon Monday, March 27, 2017. Please note, students cannot submit their own posters — only the faculty sponsor can. Please contact MDRPST at 812-237-2675 for more information on printing.


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