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We recognize that students of different ethnic backgrounds may have a challenging transition from your life here in the United States when you study abroad. Students may find that physical features that distinguish them from the host population may result in stares, comments, or sometimes overt prejudice. Program staff both here and abroad can advise students about how to minimize negative interactions at your program site.

Refer to these study abroad resources that have been designed especially for students from diverse backgrounds:

Diversity Issues in Study Abroad

This is a collection of detailed reflections from Brown University students regarding various diversity issues they experienced abroad. You can also find additional information about diversity in study abroad here.

Reflections of Asian American Students

This conference handout contains student statements about their experiences abroad.

Top Ten Reasons for African American Students to Study Abroad 

This article addresses the specific benefits to African American students of studying abroad.

Underrepresented Populations in Education Abroad

Print and Web resources available through NAFSA - Association of International Educators' Web site.