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Language and Culture in Salamanca Spain 2024



College:   College of Arts & Sciences
Department:   Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Leader   Dr. Cody Hanson
Travel Dates:   June 1st - July 18th, 2024
Program Title:   Language and Culture in Salamanca Spain 2024
Enroll in:  

LLL 203S/303S

Location:   Spain
Estimated Cost per Student:   approx. $8939
Program Description:  

Students participating in this program take two courses in Spanish language and culture in order to earn six academic credits in LLL 203S/303S – World Languages Study Abroad – Spanish, based on their language placement. Students take one traditional language-learning course taught by WorldStrides staff at the Universidad de Salamanca. For their second course students take one of the courses offered by the ISU faculty, which are designed to take advantage of the program location.