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Mission, Vision and Values statements


To prepare, promote, and advance educational and human service professionals for a diverse and ever-changing world.


As we move to the future, we envision our College as a rewarding learning community for students, faculty, and staff. We continuously embrace new knowledge and model the best pedagogical practices. Our facilities enhance our work. A cooperative, supportive culture exists among the fac­ulty and staff within the College and across campus. Faculty and staff members are chosen carefully and mentored well. We employ continuous improvement tools and philosophies on a daily basis, using data to make decisions and improve our instruction and processes in a timely manner. Student success demonstrates the genuine support they are getting from faculty and staff.

The sphere of influence of our learning community is expanding. Our administrators, teachers, and human service pro­fessionals are recognized for their educational contributions, including outreach services to those whom they serve. Our students, faculty and staff work collaboratively with schools and agencies to create rich, supportive, and healthy teach­ing and learning environments. Support for the mission is clear—the state wishes to increase its investment in what we do, alumni tell us how much they value their education, stakeholders and agencies seek our faculty for their expertise, granting agents seek us out, employers seek our graduates, increasing numbers of capable students desire an education with us, and we receive persistent recognition for our achievements.

With stable and consistent leadership, our objectives are clear and our work flexible and agile as we organize ways to be most effective, requesting and receiving the resources needed. We are dedicated to fostering a spirit of inquiry, and supporting a commitment to excellence for ourselves and our students. As one coherent organization, our collegial team recognizes and achieves the full potential of working together as we take pride in our work and feel fulfilled.


Student Success

We bring to bear scholarship, professionalism, respect, and high expectations for all students.


We enjoy being a collaborative team in a positive environment that communicates well and works together for the greater good of all.

Caring for Others

We are compassionate and supportive of others.


We are dedicated, dependable, and hard working.


We have integrity and are trustworthy, ethical, and fair.

Openness to Change

We prize creativity and support continual improvement.

Social Justice and Diversity

We work to create environments that support and enable all members of our community to thrive.