Plagiarism Policy

T&L Faculty expect students to adhere to high standards of academic integrity throughout their course work and, in the case of graduate students, culminating research projects. Consistent with that view, CIMT Faculty shall adhere to the University's Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures outlined in the

Students are referred to the following documents for further details:

Indiana State University Code of Student Conduct for definitions and clarifications on what constitutes academically dishonest activities.

for details about due process, sanctions, and appeal procedures university personnel follow in the event of an academic violation.

The University's Academic Integrity procedures are "predicated on the right of faculty to make academic decisions in the courses they teach while affirming the core value of academic integrity" (ISU Faculty Guide to Academic Integrity, p. 3). In addition to the supervising faculty members' oversight of academic integrity, the T&L Department will use plagiarism-detection services (i.e., TurnItIn, SafeAssign, and others) to monitor dissertation progress at the following checkpoints:

  • Prior to proposal defense, checking the projected dissertation chapters one, two and three for plagiarism.
  • Prior to dissertation defense, checking the document presented for plagiarism. If there are a substantial number of edits following defense, the dissertation chair shall have the discretion to run another plagiarism check on the final copy.

At these checkpoints, the dissertation committee chair shall submit the documents to the plagiarism detection services or direct the student to do so at his or her discretion. The report generated by the plagiarism-detection service will typically be provided to both instructor and student to facilitate appropriate revisions prior to dissertation defense. Additionally, the final report must be shared with the department chair for approval prior to the final document being submitted to the Associate Dean of the Bayh College of Education.

Approved by T&L department on Feb 13, 2009

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