Application Process for PhD in Curriculum and Instruction

Requirements for graduate study required by the PhD program in Curriculum and Instruction include:

  1. Official TOEFL scores sent directly from the testing center, unless you satisfy one of the exempt categories.  (The PhD in Curriculum and Instruction program does not accept ELS or IELTS scores).  (Approved by Graduate Council and CGPS)
  2. Three letters of reference from people who can attest to your potential as a PhD scholar. 
  3. Official GRE scores must be submitted to complete the application packet. 

Applicants should not send this application materials to the Teaching and Learning departmental office, but rather follow the instructions outlined on .  The department is unable to accept items until all the application items have been received and forwarded by the College of Graduate and Professional Studies. 

Please pay particular attention to the following dates.  To be considered, all materials must be received in the Teaching and Learning office from the Graduate College no later than those listed below:

  • For a Spring start: November 1
  • For a Summer start: March 1
  • For a Fall start: June 1

Only complete applications received by these dates will be considered.

The rational for these cut dates includes providing for the advisement, planning, and scheduling of new graduate students in a timely fashion.  Among new student applicants are international students.  In an attempt to satisfy their face-to-face scheduling requirements, this period of time is necessary to assure that appropriate classes can be scheduled.