Indiana Student Educators Association

The Indiana Student Educators Association (ISEA) is a newly revived and invigorated student organization within the BCOE.  ISEA members serve the needs of the BCOE while fulfilling their desire to learn more about the education profession by interacting with fellow education students and educators who are currently in the field.2016 Executive Board ISEA

The ISEA is a growing organization with many opportunities for professional development, students who join ISEA can attend national or state conferences and learn how to become a better teacher.  Just recently, we have attended two science conferences, one being the NSTA Conference in Nashville, TN and the other in a SOS conference in Kansas City, MO, at the Kansas City Zoo.  The ISEA is also looking forward to attending another national technology conference in the spring 2017 semester.

ISEA goes to Oakland Elementary in Lafayette, IN, for Outreach to TeachISEA members also participate in community service projects.  Some of the ones they have done in the past are Outreach to Teach, where ISEAs from all over the state join together in a school and give it a makeover, and we will be helping with a Halloween event this month.

In all, ISEA is focused on giving education majors, of all kinds, an opportunity to reinforce skills that are learned in lecture, give back to the education community, and form relationships with those in our major.

Fall 2016 ISEA ISEA goes to SOS conference at Kansas City Zoo
ISEA meets Ken Mattingly at SOS Conference ISEA meets Steve Spangler at SOS Conference