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Communication Disorders Clinical Services

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The Rowe Center for Communicative Disorders:

The Rowe Center for Communicative Disorders offers assessment and treatment for a variety of communication disorders. Speech Therapy is available for difficulties of articulation, voice, and fluency. Language therapy is available for delayed/disordered language development, aphasia, neurological and brain injury disorders. Hearing Screenings are also available. Therapy services are available for preschoolers, school-age children, and adults at a low cost. 

On-Campus Clinic. The Rowe Center for Communicative Disorders offers enhanced learning at both the undergraduate and graduate level by providing frequent opportunities for students to observe and practice classroom theories in a clinical situation. The center includes therapy rooms with two-way mirrors and sound monitoring systems, and audiology suite, a videotaping and playback viewing suite, and a speech-science laboratory.

How to get started for treatment:

The Rowe Center is located in the Norma and William Grosjean Clinic at University Hall within the Bayh College of Education on the Indiana State University campus

The parent/caregiver must contact the Grosjean Clinic to set up the evaluation process.

To contact us for more information, please call (812) 237-2800.

For directions to campus:

Rowe Clinic Director:
Amanda C. Solesky
Bayh College of Education