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ACES Assistantships and Scholarships

Assistantships and Scholarships

A graduate student holding an appointment as a graduate assistant performs part-time work for the University as determined by the department or unit involved. A student holding admission to a graduate degree or certification program is eligible for appointment as a graduate assistant. Payment is on a monthly basis during the academic year and at specified times during the summer. A student with a full-time graduate assistant position is expected to perform a maximum of 20 hours of work per week. In most cases, tuition scholarships are also offered. Summer appointments may also be available depending on funding. A student receiving a partial assistantship (one-third, one-half, or two-thirds) receives a stipend in proportion to the kind of assistantship awarded and has a service requirement of similar proportion.

Standards for Assistantship:

  1. The student must have been admitted to a graduate degree or certificate program under a regular admission status. 
  2. The student must have completed requirements for the baccalaureate degree prior to the first semester of the appointment year. 
  3. International students who may be considered for appointments as assistants or fellows as indicated above must demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English to the satisfaction of the department. (2004-2006 Graduate Catalog). 

In the Department of Applied Clinical and Educational Sciences fifteen (15) hours of work each week is generally required of graduate assistants, although some may be more or less.  A limited amount of assistantships are available for summer terms. Payment is based upon number of hours worked per week (10, 15, or 20 hours of the regular 20 hours per week).  Assistantship assignments may be changed at any time, although changes at semester breaks are preferable.  Changes may be initiated by the Department Chair, graduate assistants themselves or faculty members.

International students may be considered for scholarships on the basis of Standards 1. and 2. above only when the work has been completed in institutions in the United States.  They may also qualify for a scholarship under 3. above.  All international students must demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English to the satisfaction of the College of Graduate Studies.

The University awards a number of academic tuition-waiver scholarships to graduate students. Graduate assistants may apply for academic scholarships. These scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. There is no teaching, research, or other service requirements attached to these scholarships. The scholarship covers tuition for a specified number of hours. Students are personally responsible for building services and student services fees, as well as any other required University fees, for the period of the contract. A student holding admission to a graduate degree program or certificate program is eligible for consideration for a graduate student academic scholarship under the following condition: admission to a graduate program under the regular admission category. Individual programs may have higher standards. A candidate for scholarship must complete and sign an Application for a Graduate Student Academic Scholarship and submit it to his/her academic department. Recommendations for scholarships are forwarded to the College of Graduate Studies. Retention of a graduate student scholarship requires that the student maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Keep in mind that department assistantships are very competitive, so you are advised to apply for assistantships across campus as well.  To find a student job with an assistantship go to and click on "Search Postings" on the upper left-hand column.  Then look for "Job Type" and select "Graduate Assistantships" or "Regular Student Jobs".   Please check early, regularly, and often.

Information regarding scholarships and assistantships can be found at the College of Graduate Studies

Financial Assistance 

Loans and grants are also available through the Office of Student Financial Assistance
Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN 47809
1 (800) 841-4744.