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Counselor Education Ph.D.

Current Doctoral Students

The Ph.D. in Counselor Education is currently accepting applications for Fall 2020 semester. Please contact Dr. Anna Viviani at with any further questions. 

Program Information

Indiana State University confers the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Guidance and Psychological Services with a specialization in Counselor Education.

Program Mission 

The mission of the Counselor Education Ph.D. (CE) program is to prepare professionals to function in the roles of educator, supervisor, leader, researcher, advocate and practitioner. The program’s approach to learning is student-centered and dedicated to student growth and development. The CE Ph.D. program is designed to build upon and extend the counseling knowledge and professional practice skills acquired through a Masters program.

Although students must meet certain program requirements, our program is sufficiently flexible for students to pursue personal career goals through a variety of training experiences such as practica, teaching, research, and community and university work experiences. Faculty members represent a broad range of professional and research interests, theoretical perspectives, and treatment modalities. This faculty diversity, the small number of students admitted each year, and the individual attention, concern, and support of our faculty allow students to participate in personalized programs geared toward individual interests, needs, and career goals.

Licensure and Certifications

Depending upon students' past graduate education and doctoral program of study, the program may prepare students for state licensure as a mental health counselor or school counselor. Accreditation through the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) is being evaluated to meet the changing needs of our graduates.

Program Description

The doctoral program in Counselor Education prepares students to assume positions in university teaching and research, management positions in community service agencies, state and federal government agencies and private practice. The program expects students to become contributing counselor educators and administrators. Students have opportunities for sound instruction, individual study, research, and supervised fieldwork. Each student's program of study is characterized by individualized attention and planning and is based on a close working relationship with the faculty and with other students. The specific program for each student reflects that student’s experience, needs, interests, and goals. It is planned jointly by the student, advisor, and his or her doctoral committee.

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Admission Requirements 

To be admitted to the graduate program leading to the Ph.D. degree, you must comply with all general regulations of the School of Graduate Studies, the School of Education, and the Department Applied Clinical and Educational Sciences. Potential students must complete an application for admission to both the School of Graduate Studies and the Department of Communication Disorders and Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology. The Committee may waive one of the listed criteria if other evidence of the applicant's promise to pursue the program is presented. However, it must not be assumed that meeting minimal standards guarantees admission to the program

Admission criteria include:

  • GPA of 3.0 or above on all undergraduate work.
  • GPA of 3.5 or above on all graduate work.
  • A master's degree in Counseling or a related area.
  • Career goals consistent with the profession of Counselor Education
  • Applicants may be invited for a personal interview with Admissions Committee

    The Committee may waive one of the above-listed criteria if other evidence of the applicant's promise to pursue the program is presented. However, it must not be assumed that meeting minimal standards guarantees admission to the program.

Degree and Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 72 semester hours of approved course work (excluding dissertation and internship credit) is required for a Ph.D. by the School of Graduate Studies. In order to meet professional preparation standards, counselor education students' programs of study often exceed 72 semester hours. The Ph.D. Degree is not granted solely on the collection of credits. A grade-point-average of 3.50 or better is required for admission to candidacy and graduation.

Students can transfer in previous graduate coursework to fill a requirement area. Traditionally, "out of date" coursework has been defined as coursework taken more than seven years before enrolling at Indiana State University. Current policy exempts all coursework taken toward a graduate degree from this definition and gives the student's doctoral committee the option to include older coursework. The Dean of the Graduate School provides final approval of schedules of study. Often, prior to organizing a committee, students have questions as to whether a course will meet a requirement. The Program Director can usually give a clear indication as to whether a course will transfer into a given slot.

Indiana State University requires graduates to exhibit research proficiency before graduation. The Department of Applied Clinical and Educational Sciences will determine standards and proficiencies in research, notifying students of these requirements early in their program of study.

Doctoral students must complete their degree within nine (9) years of enrolling, and within six (6) years of being admitted to candidacy. It should be noted that in the Department of Applied Clinical and Education Sciences, this has never been an issue. Students typically complete their degree programs in four years, including their doctoral internship and dissertation.