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Non-Degree Certification

Non-degree licensed clinical mental health certification program

Note: Due to liability concerns, we do not accept non-degree seeking students who only want to take the Clinical Mental Health Counseling internship.  The CMHC internship is a two-semester, 900 hour supervised experience.  It cannot be taken in less than two semesters and must be proceeded by ISU CMHC coursework

Non-degree licensed school Counseling certification program 


A Clinical Mental Health Counseling student meets Dr. Irving Yalom at ACA, March 2012

Indiana School Counseling Licensure:

515 IAC 8-1-45 School services; school counselor, school services license

Authority: IC 20-28-2-6

Affected: IC 20-28

Sec. 45. (a) The applicant for the initial practitioner license as a school counselor must have:

  1.  successfully met the standards for the school service professional and the specialty standards for school counseling adopted by the board as set forth in 515 IAC 11 [sic.];
  2.  successfully met all developmental standards adopted by the board as set forth in 515 IAC 11 [sic.];
  3.  obtained a master’s degree in school counseling or related field or, if already degreed, completed additional course work in a school counseling program from an institution of higher education that is approved by the board to offer such a degree;
  4.  successfully completed all field experiences as set forth by the institution offering the counselor education program in both the content and all developmental levels;
  5.  been recommended by the licensing advisor of the accredited institution where the applicant’s approved qualifying program was completed.

(b) Coverage: The holder of the school services: school counselor license is only eligible to serve as a school counselor in any school setting. The school services: school counselor licensure applies to all, regardless of title, who have the role or responsibilities of education, career, and school counseling services for students.

(Advisory Board of the Division of Professional Standards; 515 IAC 8-1-45; filed Aug 11, 2003, 3:15 p.m.: 27 IR 178)