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Non-degree licensed clinical mental health certification program Program Description

This is a post-masters, non-degree program for graduates of 48 hour masters programs in counseling which will lead to Endorsement in Mental Health Counseling. The objective is to provide organized program of instruction and clinical supervision necessary for the student to become license eligible in Indiana. Students enrolled in this program may qualify for regular financial assistance.

Counselor Licensure: - The State of Indiana  has licensure for mental health counselors at the masters degree level. The law specifies didactic training, clinical supervision, and examination requirements for all persons engaged in the practice of counseling including the regulation of independent practice. All fifty states and all Canadian provinces provide for some type of licensure or certification for counseling practice at the masters level.

Individual jurisdictions have different requirements for licensure. Some permit licensure with 48 semester hours of training,  while others require a 60 hour program. Differences also exist regarding the number of hours of pre-degree supervised clinical experience necessary to make an individual license eligible. The American Counseling Association Licensure Chart.

Indiana law specifies a 60 hour training program but allows for those who have graduated from 48 hour programs to apply for licensure provided they have taken the remaining 12 hours at an accredited institution of higher education. Indiana law also specifies 1,000 hours of pre-degree supervised clinical experience as a condition for licensure candidacy. 

Students are responsible for reviewing their own graduate transcripts, the Indiana LMHC law, and deciding which courses they need in order to be license eligible in Indiana. Program faculty members are happy to provide guidance, but the ultimate responsibility for choosing courses lies with the student.