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Research Labs and Projects

Academic Support Clinic is a practicum experience designed to offer individualized academic interventions to school-aged children from Terre Haute and surrounding communities.  Clients are referred by schools, families, friends, and other professionals and receive one-on-one or small-group support in reading, math, and/or writing.  Clinicians receive regular direct supervision and applied experiences to develop foundational knowledge and skills related to single-case research design, identification and implementation of evidence-based interventions, individual progress-monitoring, data-based decision-making, and communication with parents and families.  For more information about the Academic Support Clinic, contact Carrie Ball at

Bullying and Cyberbullying Lab conducts research related to bullying, cyberbullying, and related behaviors among a number of populations. This group has investigated bullying among college students, as well as bullying by K-12 teachers toward their students. For more about this lab, contact Chris MacDonald at

Childhood Trauma Project conducts studies that investigate trauma-specific interventions and services that have been designed specifically for use in schools. Another purpose of the project is to provide trauma training to educators. For more information about the project, contact Chavez Phelps at

"Haunted" examines the relationship between childhood sexual abuse and the long-term impact on specific domains of adult life. Those domains include physical and mental health, academic/career/environmental success, relationships, and spirituality. For more information about this lab, contact Anna Viviani at

The Language Socialization Lab conducts research on the mechanism of language socialization, narrative development, emergent literacy, vocabulary development, and the socialization of self using qualitative methods.  For more information about the Language Socialization Lab, contact Linda Sperry at

The Lilly Comprehensive Counseling Initiative focuses on enhancing school counselor preparation. Specifically, the primary areas addressed include (1) skills to develop a comprehensive school counseling program, (2) preparation to work with students in poverty, and (3) preparation to meet students’ social/emotional needs.  A secondary focus is to develop graduate students’ knowledge and skills relative to college and career planning, and leadership development and collaboration. For more information regarding the initiative, contact Tonya Balch at