Principal Internship Experience- School Admin. Licensing

          Principal Internship Application                Principal Intern Handbook

The Principal Intern Program, founded in 1971, is designed to provide students with a rich, 8 month long field experience (Fall and Spring semesters) under the guidance of a principal mentor and faculty supervisor. Students engage in 10 hours/week of school administration work in one’s own school or in another easily accessible school. In-field work is augmented by once per month Saturday seminars with other interns. The program is structured to provide an opportunity to apply course content knowledge to real issues of administrative practice and to the development and refinement of leadership skills and competencies. The Principal Intern Program is a 12 credit hour experience (EDLR 758 & EDLR 793) that students take sometime after completing EDLR 650, 681, and 655 at a minimum. For more information, please consult the Principal Intern Handbook.

Participation in the Principal Intern program requires a supplemental Intern Program Application, signed by the supervising principal mentor and that also includes 3 letters of recommendation using the evaluation form included in the Intern Program Application packet.

Applications are to be submitted in the spring semester prior to beginning the experience in the Fall semester.

Procedures for Entry into Program

1. All candidates must be admitted to a graduate program in the Department of Educational Leadership at Indiana State University.

2. Candidates seeking a standard elementary or secondary school principal’s license are nominated and supported by a practicing school administrator and must have written approval of the administrator of the host school. An application form to be completed by the candidate and the host school corporation is included in this packet.

3. All intern candidates must meet final approval of a committee of faculty members from the Department of Educational Leadership. Because of the restricted number of candidates annually allowed entrance into the internship program, the committee selects those candidates who have adequate academic background, experience, and maturity to profit from an internship and can make a contribution to the host school corporation or to the cooperating institution. The screening process for the selection of candidates by the committee occurs within the confines of existing College of Graduate and Professional Studies requirements.

4. Intern cohorts are generally selected during the spring semester prior to the academic year of internship. Candidates who have been accepted as interns will be notified during the latter part of the spring semester. A total of six (6) semester hours of credit is awarded each semester for the principal internship.

The faculty is mindful of federal and state legislation pertaining to affirmative action guidelines and every attempt is made to ensure that all intern candidates are subject to fair and equal treatment.

Admission Requirements

1. The intern MUST have 2 or more years of teaching experience.

2. The intern MUST be admitted to a graduate program in the Department of Educational Leadership at Indiana State University.

The intern MUST be on either:

  • Master of Education Program.


  • Postmaster's Non-Degree Certification Program.


  • Educational Specialist (Ed.S. Degree) with a major in School Administration (FC5).

3. The intern MUST have completed or been near completion of the Master’s degree.

4. The intern MUST successfully complete Educational Leadership 650-Public School Administration, Educational Leadership 655-Legal Aspects of School Administration, and, Educational Leadership, Administration, and Foundations 681-The School Principalship.

5. The intern MUST have an Application for Admission to the Principal Intern Program Form and Principal’s Authorization Form signed by the supervising principal on file with the department.

6. The intern MUST attend a summer orientation session for the internship, which will be held on campus at Indiana State University. At this meeting, the intern will complete registration for the program and be provided with materials relating to the internship.