Fall Semester I: Classes 12:00 PM-3:50 PM plus 3 Fridays & Saturdays

EDLR 752 - Organization and Governance in Higher Education (3 hours) A course designed to acquaint the student with the organization and governance of higher education in America and to introduce the student to the unique aspects of administration, planning and public policy in such an institution.

EDLR 687 Higher Education in the United States (3 hours) An exploration of the present status and scope of higher education in the United States through a review of its development, purposes, patterns, effectiveness, problems, and current issues. Particular emphasis is given to topics relating to students, faculty, and organization. 

EDLR 891 - Internship (3 hours) Internship designed for breadth and familiarizes students with at least three administrative units within an institution of higher education (e.g., student and student support services, academic and instructional services, business services, media and computing services, facilities, auditing and finance, and external relations, development, academic affairs, president’s office).


Spring Semester I

EDLR 708 - Seminar in the Foundations of Modern Education (3 hours) Analysis of educational problems and issues in education using the disciplines of history and philosophy from the foundations of education.

EPSY 612 - Statistical Methods (3 hours) An introductory course in statistics for graduate students. Topics: descriptive methods, probability, selected sampling distributions, linear correlation and regression, and hypothesis testing.

EDLR 891 - Internship (3 hours) The second internship is designed for depth and provides students an opportunity to concentrate on one administrative service unit within an institution of higher education of their choice as well as exposure to the college or university central administration, institutional policy entities, and/or legislative and external policy making entities. Student engages in a project of relevance and benefit to their chosen internship site. 


Summer 3 Week Term (June): Classes start First Monday in June

EDLR 755 - Research Seminar in Educational Law (3 hours) Course provides students with an exposure to important legal issues in higher education as well as the federal and state policy environment confronting that affect public and private post-secondary institutions. 

EDLR 761 - Inquiry in Higher Education (3 hours) Instruction in the skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to plan and understand research in higher education. Exemplary topics include library use, scientific methodology, observation, measurement, selection of a research question, design, data collection, analysis of data, and generalization from data.

EDLR 806 - Foundations of Modern Educational Thought (3 hours) A study of the theory in education which uses relevant concepts from the social, behavioral, and humanistic disciplines. Emphasis is on the development of research potential in education utilizing theory as a frame of reference.


Fall Semester II: Classes 9:30 AM-3:50 PM (11:20 AM-Noon--->break); plus 3 Fridays & Saturdays

EDLR 786 - Academic Leadership in Higher Education (3 hours) Designed to provide emphasis on concepts of academic leadership as they relate to organizational structure, staff productivity, and leadership in the change process with respect to curriculum, instruction, faculty development, and faculty personnel policies in higher education EDLR 786 syllabus

EDLR 763 - Seminar on College Students in Higher Education (3 hours) Designed to explore the experience of college students in higher education. Particular emphasis is given to the study of changing demographics, patterns of growth and development, educational outcomes, and the experience of historically under-represented students.

EPSY 712 - Inferential Statistics (3 hours) Hypothesis testing procedures including homogeneity of variance, analysis of variance, and tests of selected other parameters. Thorough study of common sampling distributions. Multiple correlation and regression, and nonlinear relationships.


Spring Semester II: Classes 9:30 AM-3:50 PM (11:20 AM-Noon--->break); plus 3 Fridays & Saturdays

EDLR 859 - Research Seminar in Educational Administration (3 hours) Attention will be given to research design and methodology. Each student will select a dissertation topic, prepare a dissertation proposal, and defend the proposal to the Doctoral Committee. 

EDLR 760 - Resource Management in Higher Education (3 hours) A study of the policies, practices and politics of human and fiscal resource management in higher education with particular emphasis on the financial management of higher education. 

EDLR 850 - Advanced Leadership Theory, Governance & External Relations (3 hours) Designed to develop and extend the student's knowledge pertaining to the roles, policy development, planning, issues and trends in education administration, governance and external relations through examination of various related theories concerning individuals in organized settings.

Master’s degree coursework is applied to the curriculum such that students take the above mentioned 45 credit hours of coursework (15 courses) plus 18 dissertation hours to meet the requisite 90 hours needed to complete the degree.