The following are the required courses for the master's degree in Student Affairs and Higher Education for both the on-campus and distance tracks. 

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There are no electives in this curriculum.

Course Term Offered OC, Dist, or Both
SAHE 533, Techniques of Interpersonal Interactions Fall, Summer On-Campus
SAHE 634, Practicum in Student Affairs and Higher Education (taken three times) Fall, Spring, Summer Both in Fall and Spring; Distance Education only in Summer
SAHE 637, Introduction to Student Affairs and Higher Education Fall Both
SAHE 638, Student Development: Theory, Assessment, and Application Spring Both
SAHE 640, Collegiate Environments: Theory, Assessment, and Application Summer Both
SAHE 641, The Multicultural Campus Fall On-Campus
SAHE 650, Leadership and Administration in Student Affairs and Higher Education Spring Both
SAHE 651, Program Evaluation Fall Both
SAHE 652, Group Dynamics and Leadership Fall, Summer On-Campus
EDLR 655, Legal Issues in Education Spring Both
SAHE 680, Professional Seminar Spring Both
Thesis requires an additional six hours of ELAF 699 beyond the 39 required hours.