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Inaugural SAHE Newsletter, Fall 2017

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Three Strategies to Support Students from a Background of Poverty
Amy French
Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership

 96343050-10d2-47dc-a91d-7c0eef58430a.pngA delegation made up of faculty, staff, and administrators from Indiana State University attended Dr. Donna Beegle’s Poverty Institute in Seattle, Washington to better understand poverty and gain tools to bring back to Indiana State to support our students.  Throughout the institute, we were challenged to cast aside the common myths associated with poverty and recognize that poverty is not a “choice,” that it doesn’t “look” a certain way, and it manifests itself in a myriad of ways that could potentially threaten a student’s ability to succeed in college.  The challenges students who come from poverty encounter have little to do with the student’s academic ability and more to do with the systemic and capitalistic nature of our society.  As individuals who care for our students, I would like to offer a few strategies that promote student success for all students, particularly those who come from poverty.  To learn more about these strategies, click.