Frequently Asked Questions about the SAHE program

  1. What is your application deadline? Those applications received by December 15 receive the earliest consideration in the admission process. Our final application deadline is June 1; however, our admission decisions may be complete before then.

  2. Can I start in the spring semester? No. We admit students to begin in the fall only. Distance education students, however, may take two classes during the summer prior to a fall entry: SAHE 533 and SAHE 652, offered in a weekend format during summer session one.

  3. How many students do you admit each year? We will admit up to 20 students in our on-campus and distance cohorts. The number of on-campus students depends on the available assistantships in that year.

  4. Is the GRE required? No, we do not require GRE scores.

  5. As a distance education student, how do I find equivalent classes for SAHE 533, 641, and 652? The steps to identifying and transferring classes are detailed on our Distance Education page.  Ensure you have SAHE Coordinator's approval and provide a copy of the syllabus of replacement course.

  6. What is your graduation rate? For on-campus students, our annual graduation rate for the past five years is 99%. The distance education rate is currently being calculated.

  7. What is your placement rate? For on-campus students, our placement rate is greater than 95% for those seeking jobs in student affairs. For distance education students, all students are required to be employed before beginning the SAHE program and, therefore, the placement rate does not apply.

Please also check the EDLR Department FAQs for answers to the following questions:

  • How much do classes cost?
  • How long does it take to complete each program?
  • Will my previous graduate classes count toward my degree?
  • Where can I find a schedule of classes?
  • What are the most important deadline dates for graduate students?
  • How do I register for classes and whom do I contact if I have difficulty?
  • How do I get technical help for distance education classes?
  • Can you check to see if I am successfully registered?

If you have other questions, please contact the SAHE Program Coordinator,

Dr. Amy French - Amy.French@indstate.edu 

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