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The Central Office Intern Program is designed to provide students with a rich, summer long field experience under the guidance of a central office mentor and faculty supervisor. Students engage in approximately 15 hours/week of central office administration work in one’s own district or in another easily accessible district. In-field work is augmented by periodic seminar gatherings with other interns. The program is structured to provide an opportunity to apply course content knowledge to real issues of administrative practice and to the development and refinement of leadership skills and competencies. The Central Intern Program is a 6 credit hour summer experience (EDLR 790 & EDLR 792) that students take at the end of their Ed.S. studies.

Participation in the Central Office Intern program requires a supplemental Central Office Intern Program Application, signed by the supervising Central Office mentor. Applications are to be submitted by February 15 of the spring semester prior to beginning the experience in the summer.