BCP II: Becoming a Student Teacher - Eligibility for the Student Teaching Semester

Admission to BCP-II is required before a student may register for the student teaching professional semester.

Criteria for admission to BCP-II

The student must satisfy all criteria for admission to BCP-I; and

  1. Have a grade point average of 2.50 or higher at Indiana State University; and
  2. Have grades of C or higher in all required professional education courses; and
  3. Have a grade point average of 2.50 or higher in the professional education courses; and
  4. Have a favorable recommendation for admission from the major department in addition to the recommendation from the review department.

How to apply

The application for BCP-II is included in the packet of materials for student teaching. The review department conducts a student teaching enrollment meeting (STEM) early every fall semester for student teaching assignments which are to occur in the next academic year.  Therefore, a student should attend the meeting a full year or year and a half prior to the expected student teaching semester. If a student misses the scheduled meeting, s/he should contact the appropriate department (Elementary, Early Childhood, and Special Education or Curriculum, Instruction, and Media Technology) to determine how to proceed in applying for a student teaching and BCP-II.

Notification of Admission

The student will be informed in writing regarding the status s/he holds in the Becoming a Complete Professional Program-II. Copies of the notification will be sent to the major department and the review department. For students who are admitted to BCP-II, a formal statement of remaining requirements called the "Teacher Certification Check List" will be included with the letter if one has not previously been sent.   When a student's status is other than "unconditional admit", reasons for the action will be stated. The student may appeal a decision by submitting a written request to the Dean of the School of Education via Education Student Services. See the Undergraduate Catalog for details. A full statement of the Due Process Guidelines is available in Education Student Services (Room 115, University Hall).

Determination of Student Teaching Assignments

The Student will be informed of details for student teaching at the STEM meeting and during interviews with faculty from the review department. The review department will notify the student of the assignment once all application papers have been filed and admission to BCP-II has been granted.